Sunday Funday: SCOTUS Edition

Well, they reversed Roe v. Wade, eroded Miranda, set the stage for the ending of most gun restriction laws and forced Maine (and by extension all states) to fund, in part, religious schools. That sonic boom you heard Friday morning was America going back 50 years at light speed.

Meanwhile Corporate Kim Reynolds is no doubt burning sacrifices to whatever gawds she believes in. She can really screw Iowa now.

What a week, sadly.

A) Let’s do one Jeopardy style – 11,780?

B) The chief of police in what city recently scourged by a school shooting has been suspended for his response to that shooting?

C) In a growing trend, what retail outlet of a top tech company voted to unionize last week despite heavy pressure from the company to stop it?

D) What age group was finally able to get covid vaccine shots this week, nearly 2.5 years after the start of the pandemic?

E) Late Thursday night the US Senate passed a bill, weak though it was, focused on what burning life and death issue?

F) In the morning of the J6 Committee’s hearing on the DOJ’s involvement in the insurrection, the FBI raided what former DOJ official?

G) Who proposed a ‘gas tax holiday’ to lessen the burden of high fuel prices on Americans?

 H) “Just say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen,” was a comment from what high elected official to DOJ officials revealed during Thursday’s J6 hearing?

I) Why did no Democratic congress members press the White House for pardons during the post 2020 election period?

J) June 25, 1876. What general attacks a Sioux encampment only to be overwhelmed by a huge contingent of Sioux warriors?

K) Is this creepy? Amazon announced a new feature that will allow Alexa to speak in whose voice?

L) What Trump administration official claimed on Fox that “he had “never” seen a president lie as much as Joe Biden.”

M) Another Jeopardy style: 30,573 is the number counted by the Washington Post.

N) Democratic gubernatorial candidate Diedre DeJear named who as he running mate last week?

O) Does the 4th of July celebrate the constitution or the Declaration of Independence?

P) President Biden had what kind of a minor accident last weekend in Delaware?

Q) What Asian country suffered a 5.9 magnitude earthquake killing over 1,000 people?

R) What European country will restart coal powered electric plants in an effort to minimize their use of Russian natural gas?

S) “Alternative” or “fake” electors who were set up to support Trump in their attempt to overturn the 2020 election found themselves receiving what Wednesday morning?

T) One more Jeopardy style: Shae Moss.

‘Sure, he’s a total scumbag who tried to usurp democracy with a violent insurrection, but sure I’d still vote him’ seems to be the GOP mantra.  – Noel Casler

tip of the hat to Mike Lukovich


A) What is the number of votes Trump wanted the Georgia Secretary of State to create for him so he (Trump) could win in Georgia

B) Uvalde, Texas

C) The Apple Store in Towson, Md.

D) The under 5 set!

E) Gun safety

F) Jeffrey Clark

G) President Biden

H) Trump

I) Because unlike several republicans, they did not commit felonies

J) General Custer

K) voices of dead relatives 

L) VP Pence

M) What is the number of Lies told by Trump as president

N) Eric Van Lancker, Clinton County auditor

O) Declaration of Independence

Q) Afghanistan

R) Germany

S) subpoenas

T) Georgia poll worker targeted by Trump and his supporters for doing her job.

The ppl saying Keystone XL would bring down gas prices are the same ppl who said 2 wars w/Iraq would bring down gas prices. – John Fugelsang

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