Sunday Funday: Juneteenth Edition

Juneteenth explained (2:30):

Today is the date that has been traditionally celebrated as the date that former slaves in the most remote parts of the South – specifically Texas – learned that they were no longer enslaved. Some refer to this as America’s second Independence Day. Despite the significance, Juneteenth until recently has been an almost invisible holiday.

Unfortunately, the freedom that Juneteenth celebrates has been mostly invisible also. Slow and grudging progress has been going on, mostly since WWII, but the resurgence of overt racism spurred by the previous president seems to have progress stalled, of not somewhat reversed.

Some may be surprised to learn that Iowa was one of the early states to recognize Juneteenth as a holiday. Until the return of Branstadt as governor, Iowa was frequently a leader in equality. On April 11, 2002 Governor Tom Vilsack signed legislation recognizing Juneteenth as a state Holiday. National legislation was just passed a year ago and signed into law by President Biden.

Another historical week!

A) Speaking of scandals, last Friday was the 50th anniversary of what? (Hint: June 17, 1972)

B) What attempted presidential assassin was released from custody last week?

C) Well, covid finally got one of its top targets as who reported Wednesday he had covid?

D) What WNBA legend announced Thursday that she would be retiring at the end of this season?

E) The Federal Reserve acted in a very aggressive manner as it raised interest rates by how much Wednesday?

F) What self righteous senatorial candidate who has publicly decried absent African-American father has been revealed to have at least 3 “secret” offspring?

G) MLB has begun selling tickets through a lottery for the August 11, 2022 game in Dyersville. What is the cost of a ticket?

H) Hey, it’s Father’s Day. I almost forgot. What Founding Father has little contact with his own son who was British Governor for the colony of New Jersey?

I) What baby formula company, which was shut down due to contamination, restarted and then shut down due to extreme weather?

J) The J6 Committee is looking into a “tour” of seldom visited spots led by what congressman from Georgia?

K) According to the J6 hearing on Thursday, the mob calling for VP Pence to be hung got how close to VP Pence?

L) Police arrested 31 white nationalists crammed on a U-Haul before an LGBTQ parade in what western city?

M) In what may be a prelude to this fall’s elections, a county election commission in what state refused to certify the primary election because of their distrust of Dominion voting machines?

N) What is the name of the lawyer who is being identified as the person who drew up the plan to overturn the 2020 election?

O) The years long on-going story of what Wikileaks founder took a turn when the British government ordered his extradition to the US?

P) Questions of a major fraud surround what former top US politician for soliciting money for a non-existent entity?

Q) A tentative deal on what issue was struck by a bipartisan group of US senators?

R) According to testimony during the J6 Committee hearing, what presidential aide was “definitely intoxicated” when claimed election fraud on election night?

S) Heavy weekend rains washed out roads and closed off entrances to what national park as visitors had to be evacuated?

T) Another shortage (O for gawd’s sake it’s not Biden’s fault). What feminine hygiene product is in short supply?

 Why does god’s plan never include Republicans doing the right thing? Anonymous cause I can’t remember where I saw it.


A) The break-in at the Democratic HQ at the Watergate Hotel

B) John Hinckley Jr. – His concert tour appears to have been cancelled however.

C) Dr. Fauci

D) Sue Bird

E) 75 basis points (.75%)

F) Georgia Republican Herschel Walker

G) $350/ticket + $76 fees. A couple would spend $826 just to get in.

H) Benjamin Franklin

I) Abbott labs

J) Barry Loudermilk

K) within 40 feet

L) Couer d’Alene, Idaho

M) Otero county in New Mexico

N) John Eastman

O) Julian Assange

P) What a surprise- Donald Trump

Q) guns

R) Rudy Giuliani

S) Yellowstone

T) Tampons

Help me understand why any senior would support a party that is telling them they’ll take away Social Security and Medicare. – John Pavlovitz

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