Sunday Funday: Shooting For The Stars Edition

Sam Bee reminds us of other problems (8.5 minutes):

Looks like those folks at NASA are screwing up the “government can’t do anything right” right wing meme with some spectacular findings this week. When will they quit being so competent and follow the popular concepts planted in our society by main stream media like Fox News and right wing radio?

One way to make that happen is to make the public schools, that many NASA scientists were trained in, substandard. That seems to be the Iowa Legislature’s goal these days. 

So what happened last week?

A) Speaking of NASA, their newest toy, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), took a picture of a star about how far away?

B) What impromptu action at the Oscar presentations Sunday has been a hot topic in the nation’s media all week?

C) What huge metropolitan area in China has been locked down as officials work to stop the spread of covid?

D) Scientists are unsure what the consequences of finding what particles in human blood last week will be?

E) Although thought to have been done 20+ years ago, scientists last week announced the completion of the sequencing of the human what?

F) Hey you folks 50+ – the CDC says you can get another what starting this week?

G) As of Friday, anyone buying Russian oil or gas will have to do the transaction in what currency?

H) Burner phones? Who claimed this week he has never heard of “burner” phones?

I) Orgies and cocaine. These are the things that what extreme right wing congress member claims he has encountered on his brief time in Washington?

J) Amazingly, 193 Republicans voted “NO” on a bill to cap the price of what life saving medication at $35/month?

K) The moratorium for disconnecting accounts behind in their utilities bills in Iowa ended last Friday. How many accounts in Iowa are delinquent this year?

L) Another ill imposed by the state of Iowa on its poorer citizens is the ending of pandemic benefits for what food assistance program by Kim Reynolds?

M) In a sign of changing times, workers at what two major employers are attempting to bring unions into their workplaces?

N) That rumble in the Force indicates that a major member of the Biden team is leaving. What press secretary is rumored to be headed to MSNBC in May?

O) What strange evidence was removed from a Washington DC home of an anti-abortion leader whose house was raided by the FBI?

P) President Biden announced the US would release how many barrels of oil per day from their reserves to help combat the loss of Russian oil on the world market?

Q) In other show biz news, actor Bruce Willis is leaving the profession due to what cognitive disorder?

R) What city has been hosting peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia?

S) A snow squall blew up out of nowhere causing a huge fiery pileup of over 80 cars including 6 deaths in what state Monday?

T) CBS News announcement of the hiring of what Trump Administration insider set off huge protests against the network?

April Fools’ Day could be renamed Lie Like a Republican Day with little noticeable difference. – Middle Age Riot


A) The star, named Earendel, is 12.9 billion light years from earth.

B) Will Smith slapping Chris Rock’s face after Rock made an inappropriate comment about Smith’s wife.

C) Shanghai (somewhere around 30 million people)

D) micro plastic particles

E) Genome. The original sequencing left 8% undone due to lack of technology at the time.

F) Booster for covid. I got mine!

G) Rubles.

H) The former president

I) Madison Cawthorn.

J) Insulin

K) 179,000


M) Amazon and Starbucks – one Amazon warehouse in NYC (Staten Island) voted to unionize.

N) Jen Psaki

O) five aborted fetuses – no explanation why they were there

P) 1 million

Q) aphasia 

R) Istanbul

S) Pennsylvania

T) Mike Mulvaney

On the day that news broke of burner phones and seven hour gaps in WH logs Trump was on OAN asking Putin for info on Hunter Biden and bitching about Ukraine. This is not someone who feels justice nipping at his heel. – Noel Casler

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