Sunday Funday: Undermining The Court Edition

This is a bit long, but it gives a great flavor of the insane accusations that Republicans brought against Judge Brown Jackson (10.5 minutes):

Watching the insanity that Republicans called a hearing for SCOTUS nominee was hard as the (Republicans) went to their old standby of accusing anyone left of Atilla the Hun of being involved in pedophilia somehow. It was sickening. Even the supposed benign Grassley got s couple of accusations in on the last day.

Yet even as bad as that was, Republicans have let it be known that overturning any and all decisions by SCOTUS since Earl Warren became Chief Justice. Indiana senator Mike Braun accidentally blurted out that the Loving decision, which ended state bans against interracial marriages, was in the cross hairs of the scope.

Braun then tried very unconvincingly to walk his accidental truth back, to little avail. But this was only the most recent instance of Republicans letting it be known which of the SCOTUS they hope to overturn either via law of by having a future Court reverse current rulings.

The decisions in the cross hairs go as far back as 1954’s Brown v. Board of Education, the one that seems to be the mother of bad decisions. Besides Brown and Loving other decision marked for overrule include Griswold v. Connecticut that allowed people to purchase contraceptive material and Obergefell v. Hodges that ended bans on same sex marriages.

What a week- Ukraine, Jackson hearing and a trip to Europe for Biden:

A) Next door in Nebraska, what Republican congress member was convicted Friday of felony campaign contributions and lying to the FBI?

B) According to NATO estimates, how many Russian troops have been killed, wounded or missing in Ukraine?

C) At the hearing for SCOTUS nominee Brown Jackson, what Republican senator was caught checking twitter for name mentions after his lie filled turn at questioning?

D) Russia tied all their conspiracy lies together Friday by claiming the US bio-terror labs in Ukraine is being run by what presidential offspring?

E) Back to reality. The former president sued what former opponent, claiming that accusations of Trump’s collusion with Russia harmed his campaign?

F) In Georgia a group is trying to block Marjorie Taylor Greene from running for congress because of what?

G) Speaking of history making women, what woman who was America’s first female Secretary of State died this week at age 84?

H) Almost immediately following the end of Brown Jackson’s hearing what leading Republican announced he would vote against her confirmation?

I) Emails exchanged between what wife of a current SCOTUS justice and the White House called for Trump to remain in power in January of 2021?

J) How did Iowa State’s basketball teams do in their Sweet Sixteen NCAA tournament games Friday night?

K) According to the data released by the Census Bureau Thursday, what percentage of US counties had more deaths than births last year?

L) What woman’s grave is plastered with ‘I voted’ stickers after general elections?

M) In Iowa, a bill cutting what for workers has passed both houses of Iowa’s legislature?

N) Mackenzie Scott gave a record $275 million contribution to what women’s healthcare group last week?

O) To make up for troops lost in Ukraine, Russia is turning to what source for soldiers?

P) Mark Pomerantz in a letter said the former president was “guilty of numerous felony violations.” Why is this significant?

Q) A Boeing 737 jet fell out of the sky and crashed in what country last week?

R) Applications for jobless aid last week fell to the lowest seasonally adjusted average since when?

S) Wednesday was the 12th anniversary of signing of what ground breaking healthcare bill?

T) Alaska’s representative, Don Young, died on an airplane last week. What formerly famous Alaskan said she would serve in the House “in a heartbeat”?

Our greatest responsibility is not to be pencils of the past.

Rod Serling


A) 1st district congress member Dan Fortenberry – AND NOW he resigns!

B) 40,000 – huge losses

C) Ted Cruz

D) Hunter Biden (rofl)

E) Hillary Clinton

F) she participated in an insurrection against the US in violation of the 14th amendment

G) Madeline Albright

H) Mitch McConnell

I) Ginny Thomas wife of Clarence Thomas

J) they both lost, sadly

K) over 75% (2300+ counties)

L) Susan B. Anthony – this is to commemorate her being charged with a crime when she voted in the 1876 election.

M) unemployment insurance

N) Planned Parenthood – Scott is the ex wife of Jeff Bezos

O) Jails – men in jail for not paying alimony and child care and other such crimes.

P) Pomerantz was investigating Trump for the Manhattan DA’s office when the new DA decided to stop the investigation.

Q) China

R) September of 1969

S) the ACA (Obamacare)

T) Sarah Palin

The GOP’s attack on Jackson for being soft on crime is a bold strategy for a party led by a criminal. – Andy Borowitz

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