Hinson Embarrasses Iowa

Liz Mathis will take the job of congress seriously

What’s that old saying about a politician – someone who finds out which way the parade is going and then hops to the front of it. Here in Iowa we have Ashley Hinson acting as the very epitome of that derisive view of politicians.  

Who can forget last year when Hinson tried to be the darling of the do-nothing congressional Republicans. She made her bones by bad mouthing the much needed infrastructure bill using the usual crowd tested Republican blather – ‘communism, socialism, tax and spend, blah, blah, blah.’ Robot-like, you know? And of course as she was told to do she voted against the infrastructure bill. She leapt to the front of the anti-infrastructure parade.

Federal projects in the local district are popular and they always have been. They bring work to businesses who then hire people to do that work and they source materials locally which spreads the money from the projects around. Those businesses in turn hire workers. Those workers may move into towns in the district where they will build houses, buy food and goods and pay taxes. Generally the federal projects in a district are seen as a very good thing.

Thus when projects were announced the other day, who did Iowans see leaping to the front of the pro-infrastructure parade, damn near breaking her legs to do so? Ashley Hinson of course. Suddenly she became the champion of infrastructure spending. Some who observed her leap said it was Olympian in its grandeur. Once again Hinson had seen which way the parade was going and jumped to the front.

It is hard not to laugh out loud at such brazen behavior. Did she think Iowans would forget that just a few months ago she was 180 degrees opposed to what she was now taking credit for? Why would anyone trust her in the future? Was she against it? 100%. Is she now in favor of it? 100%. Does this sound like someone you can trust?? Not at all!

Like most of today’s Republicans no doubt Hinson is all in favor of huge tax cuts for the wealthy and very little else. Which means as our infrastructure continues to erode to the ravages of time and things like climate change, Ashley Hinson will not be there to maintain that which previous generations built to make this country great. They want the goodies but refuse to pay to maintain it.

Ashley Hinson, a living caricature of what most Americans hate about their politicians. What do Republicans stand for? Tax cuts for the rich and little else.

For those of you who will be voting in the newly named second district, you will have the chance to vote for a candidate who will truly represent you. That is Liz Mathis. Mathis has demonstrated real integrity and solid judgment over her years in the state senate.

Enough of Ashley Hinson’s games. Get registered and get ready to send real representation to Washington in the person of Liz Mathis.

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