National Rural Strategy Summit Outlines How Democrats Win

In case you missed it, this is vital information for every Democratic strategist and candidate for 2022 and beyond. You can watch the full program (except for the breakout sessions). It’s about 4 hours long, but you can listen to it while you are doing something else.

Here’s a note from Executive Director J.D. Scholten. A link to the full video of the program is below.


Thank you for participating in our National Rural Strategy Session! With the results in Virginia and New Jersey sounding the alarms that most of us are all too familiar with and the midterm elections being a year away, Saturday’s event was perfect timing to get together and figure out what needs to happen.

Moving forward, we’re hoping to draft a monthly newsletter and host a monthly meeting starting in January. Stay tuned for those.

If you missed the event or want to re-watch, you can view the recording here:

Many folks were interested in having a directory, which we compiled of the groups that participated:

If you’re interested in the presenters’ slides:

Along with Backroads PAC’s video:

And Jane Kleeb’s video:

The Poll:

John Ray – YouGov Blue –

Again, thank you for all of your efforts and don’t be strangers.

JD Scholten

J.D. Scholten

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