Sunday Funday: This Is Halloween! Edition

Kids, do not try this at home (4:30)

Doesn’t that bring back some memories?

Well, it is one of those magic days of the year. Ghouls and ghosties and all sorts of kids dressed as sci-fi characters , critters and most everything in between. Stay safe and have fun.

We will probably tilt toward some fun today.

A) Something serious to start with – Friday a report came out that what had jumped more in the last quarter than it had in 20 years?

B) Dracula – what does the name mean?

C) Iowa finally approved a set of redistricting map. Which Iowa congress member was not included in the district they currently represent?

D) Jack-o-lanterns were originally made from what vegetables?

E) What car rental biggie ordered 100,000 Teslas last Monday?

F) “META.” That is the new name for what major cyber company?

G) Along with approving redistricting maps, what other legislation did Iowa lawmakers pass during their special session?

H) When was the first meeting between a sitting US president and a Pope?

I) What retired pro football quarterback repaid $600,000 of an $828,000 bill he owed the Mississippi Welfare department for a fraud scheme?

J) So what is the biggest selling candy bar for Halloween in the US?

K) Halloween’s origins trace back to the ancient Celtic festival of what?

L) What two states have gubernatorial elections this Tuesday?

M) What two major meetings will President Biden be attending during his trip to Europe?

N) Whoa, that’ll make a lot of pies! An Italian farmer set a new world record with a pumpkin that weighed over how many pounds?

O) The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder case said that the people killed could not be referred to as what, since it is a loaded word?

P) Republicans in Georgia and nationwide are falling in line to back what hugely flawed senatorial candidate for next year’s election?

Q) Thanks to pandemic related stress, sales of what product increased last year for the first time in 20 years?

R) The FDA is expected to approve Covid vaccines for what age group next week?

S) How many were hanged during the Salem Witch Trials?

T) Two major trials are going on in Southern states. One is about the “Unite the Right” rally in what city in 2017?

U) Extra Halloween Question:  What were the first names of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

It’s worth remembering that every single Republican in the Senate is worse than Joe Manchin; a society where billionaires can go to space and veterans can go to food pantries is acceptable to them. – John Fugelsang

Note: this certainly includes Grassley and Ernst


A) Wages

B) Son of the Devil

C) Mariannette Miller-Meeks

D) Turnips

E) Hertz

F) Facebook

G) Unemployment insurance for those who lose their jobs because they refuse to get vaccinated

H) 1919 between Woodrow Wilson and Pope Benedict XV

I) Brett Favre – he has another month to repay the rest

J) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – in Iowa it is M&Ms

K) Samhain

L) Virginia and New Jersey

M) The G20 (economic)  in Rome and the COP26 (climate) in Glasgow

N) over 2700 pounds

O) “victims” – they could be referred to as “rioters” and “looters and “arsonists.”

P) Herschel Walker – for one thing, Walker lives in Texas.

Q) tobacco products

R) children under 12

S) 19

T) Charlottesville, Va.

U Extra) Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde

Joe Manchin just said that he can’t put the burden of debt on his 10 grandchildren.

But he is clearly not worried about his coal company destroying the planet they live on. – ReportDaNews tweet

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