Iowa Man Begs Leader Of Insurrection For His Endorsement

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Remember those old TV shows that attempted to show young people how awful it was to get hooked on ‘dope.’ The addicted (usually) man would need a fix, badly. He would be disheveled, with a several days growth of beard often on his knees to some mobster who controlled the drug supply. The druggie would do anything to get that fix while the mobster would treat the druggie as something less than human. 

I don’t know why those old time TV show and often what used to be called ‘B’ movie scenes flashed in my mind when I saw the clip of Chuck Grassley figuratively get on his knees in front of a crowd and all sorts of TV cameras to kiss the ring of the man who held the drug that Grassley wanted so, so badly – an endorsement.

Grassley so reminded me of a man who has, as the saying goes, hit the bottom. After years of carefully building an illusion that he (Grassley) is a man of integrity, he quickly tore it down in one short statement:

“I was born at night but not last night,” Grassley said at the weekend rally. “So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91 percent of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.”

This glaringly contrasts with Grassley’s earlier in the year statements that Trump should admit that he lost the presidential election and move on:

“As someone who endorsed and campaigned for President Trump, I share in the disappointment of 74 million Americans who voted for him and wanted him to succeed. But we can’t ignore the facts. Every state, every lawsuit and every investigation have delivered the same outcome: Joe Biden will be America’s next president. It is wrong for anyone in a position of public trust to mislead the public about the results of the presidential election, which despite some minor irregularities that we should investigate and address, produced a conclusive result.”

Last Saturday Grassley did a 180 degree turn and negated that statement. Last Saturday, Donald Trump stripped Grassley of any integrity he had in front of a nation of witnesses. We have seen Trump do that to many over the years – Make Pence, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani. The list is long and sad. We see politicians kneel before The Godfather and pledge fealty in return for NOT disparaging the beggar. It is always a sad to see a person stripped of their very dignity.

Remember that once the pledge of fealty is given to Trump, Trump can rescind it on a moments notice if he feels the subject is not sufficiently groveling to Trump. Ask any of those mentioned above. On a moments notice each has become an enemy. Grassley has opened himself up to just such an attack.

It is long past time for Iowa to put old Chuck out to pasture. For at least 20 years, Grassley has been a carefully crafted image of what a senator should be while behind the scenes he was one of the worst party hacks. Now he has surrendered his integrity, his dignity and any leverage he had to one of the worst persons in American history.

If you had any idea that after this Chuck Grassley can work for Iowa you are sadly mistaken. Grassley now is a fully invested employee of the Trump empire. If he fails he will endure the wrath of Trump. In Republican world these days, Trump owns the party lock, stock and barrel.

So as we watch Grassley become yet another trophy in the Trump case, let us remind ourselves that Iowa does have some really good candidates for US Senator. They are of course the Democrats who are vying to challenge Grassley next November.

Admiral Mike Franken announced his entry in to the race Thursday. Franken had a distinguished naval career where he often showed incredible leadership. You would never see Franken kiss the ring of such a despicable person.

Abby Finkenauer showed her commitment to everyday Iowans during her service in the Iowa legislature and in her one term in Congress. Finkenauer brings a quiet toughness to the table. Once again, you will not see Abby Finkenauer bow the way Grassley did last Saturday. Finkenauer’s youth is also a pleasant change from a guy stuck in the 1950s.

Dr. Glenn Hurst brings his medical knowledge and a wealth of experience in Iowa’s rural communities to the table at a time when such a background is severely needed in Iowa. Few understand rural Iowa the way Dr. Hurst does.

Finally, Dave Muhlbauer runs a real family farm out by Manilla in western Iowa. Unlike Grassley’s claims to being a farmer, Muhlbauer actually works on the farm. Formerly a county supervisor in Crawford county, Muhlbauer is truly close to Iowans and knows what the state needs.

Back in July, the Des Moines Register poll recorded that only 27% of Iowans wanted Grassley re-elected. 

Remember, if you vote for Grassley next year you are approving Trump’s attempts to overthrow our government. Grassley capitulated to Trump and thus bought into the whole Trump caboodle. Grassley at the end of his years made a desperate move to stay in power. 

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  1. song boat says:

    I agree for 10 years Grassley promised he would assure the violation of my Federal civil and Constitutional rights would be compensated for.
    This is the destiny my government gave to me.


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