Zero Republican Support For Voting Rights

Preserving the integrity of our elections is the most important issue at this moment.  No progress can be made on climate or anything else if Republicans are allowed to lock in power. Democrats will have to go it alone to preserve voting rights and guarantee the future of our democracy.  Follow Marc Elias’ website Democracy Docket.

Before the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act in 2013, voting rights were something Democrats and Republicans could agree on. Even when voting rights skeptics Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush were in the White House, the parties were able to come to a compromise and reauthorize the Voting Rights Act twice with massive bipartisan support.

But when the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act came before the U.S. House this August, not a single Republican voted in favor.

In my new piece, “On Voting Rights, There Are No Moderates in the GOP,” I highlight what’s changed and why no Republicans in the House or Senate are willing to acknowledge the need to restore the Voting Rights Act or otherwise expand access to voting. As a result, there will either be a law protecting the right to vote passed with only Democratic votes or no law at all.

On voting rights, it’s time for Democrats to make peace with the fact that they will need to take decisive action alone. History will remember their bravery when they do.

Read “On Voting Rights, There Are No Moderates in the GOP” on Democracy Docket now.


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