Sunday Funday: Amazing Women Of Iowa Edition

Going back to the office is hard. From the Flemish TV show, De Ideale Wereld.

Just realized that Iowa may be on the cusp of something unique next year. With a long way to go before any voting starts for 2022, Iowa’s democrats are lining up a strong list of impressive women to compete for the top line positions in the 2022 election.

In the Governor’s race Des Moines business woman Diedre DeJear has her name in early and is campaigning hard. She is known from her run for Secretary of State. While it looks like there are many more candidates that may jump in, DeJear gives the Dems a chance of having a woman running for Governor. 

For Iowa’s senate seat to finally replace the decrepit Grassley, former 1st district congress member Abby Finkenauer looks to make a strong run for the nomination and may be able to topple Grassley. Add in three very strong women candidates currently at the congressional level. In the 3rd district we have incumbent Cindy Axne who has a strong record to run on. 

Looking to topple incumbents in the first and second districts are formidable candidates. In the first district is the well known and highly thought of Liz Mathis. In the second district is the relative new comer, yet very impressive U of Iowa law professor Christina Bohannan. Look for very strong races from both. Oddly, they will be opposing Republican women in their races. However these Republican incumbents are merely partisan cogs in the party apparatus and not really representing Iowans.

So we just need a strong woman to take out Randy Feenstra in Iowa’s fourth district and Iowa’s Democrats could potentially field all women for their top races. But the bottom line is that winning next year is by far the most important goal.

Another ‘what a week.’

A) To honor the memory of 9/11, the previous president did what? 

B) In a much anticipated ruling, what tech giant will be forced to loosen their grip on the payment system with their App Store for things like games and purchases?

C) The James Webb Space Telescope finally has an official launch date – one week before what major holiday?

D) In his major speech on the pandemic and vaccinations, President Biden noted that the pandemic is now killing what group of individuals specifically?

E) In another move, the President removed notable holdovers from the previous administration from the boards of what institutions?

F) Among directives the President announced in his pandemic speech was a requirement that employers with more than how many employees must vaccinate their employees?

G) Speaking of women in politics, what FDR cabinet member was almost singularly responsible for for social legislation such as the Social Security Act and various labor legislation?

H) No surprise – what year had the hottest summer on record in the US?

I) In climate news, what major university announced it will no longer invest endowment money in fossil fuels?

J) Also in climate news what island country will begin a carbon sequestration program?   

K) Finally on the climate, The Biden Administration announced goals to increase solar power by how much in the next 15 years this week?

L)  In California, what candidate was run out of a campaign stop after confrontation with residents of the area?

M) After a very long process, a statue of what treasonous leader was finally removed from Richmond, Virginia’s Monument Avenue?

N) Women’s marches are planned around the country on what date to protest the new Texas vigilante abortion law and the SCOTUS tacit approval of it?

O) What US Senator revealed that she had been treated for breast cancer and noted that due to the pandemic, many women are skipping check-ups?

P) Fake Covid vaccination cards have become a real cottage industry in the US. In Vermont, 3 members of what were caught participating in a scheme to make the fake cards?

Q) Last week, what country became the first to accept Bitcoin as legal currency?

R) More than 200 top medical journals cited what as the greatest threat to global public health?

S) Criminalizing abortion is unconstitutional said the Supreme Court in what country that boasts the second largest Catholic population?

T) Next Saturday there will be rioters returning to the US capitol in a rally called “  Justice for “ what?

I am fortunate to have someone call me every day to check on me. He is from India & he’s very concerned about my car warranty.


A) Provided commentary on a heavy weight boxing fight at a casino

B) Apple

C) Christmas! Launch date is December 18, 2021. Merry Christmas, space fans

D) the unvaccinated

E) the military academies. Trump holdovers like Sean Spicer and Kelly Ann Conway were removed from these jobs

F) 100

G) Frances Perkins – Secretary of Labor under FDR

H) 2021 – and it isn’t even done yet

I) Harvard – been a long time coming

J) Iceland – if you are curious check here

K) 10X or 1000% from 4.5% to 45% 

L) Larry Elder – local residents of the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles resented Elders racist politics

M) Robert E. Lee

N) October 2 – check the internet for locations

O) Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota

P) the Vermont State Troopers – whoops

Q) El Salvador

R) Climate change

S) Mexico

T) “J6” or January 6th. Expect a heavy police presence for these  “tourists.”

Jimmy Kimmel on how hospitals should treat the unvaccinated:

“Vaccinated person having a heart attack? Yes, come right in, we’ll take care of you. Unvaccinated guy who gobbled horse goo? Rest in peace, wheezy.”

Tip of the hat to EarlG on

Hope Covid Kim felt a burn on that comment about “elected officials actively working to undermine the fight against Covid-19”

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