How To Get Involved In The Fight For LGBTQ Equality

Important message from One Iowa:

September is gearing up to be a busy month with great ways to get involved in our fight for LGBTQ equality. Explore the ways you can support our work and show up for LGBTQ Iowans below.

LGBTQ Reproductive Justice Panel with the Iowa Abortion Access Fund

What happens in other states affects all of us – which is why we need to protect access to safe abortion for Iowans. Join us for a joint LGBTQ Reproductive Justice Panel with the Iowa Abortion Access Fund on Friday, September 17th at noon! You’ll learn about the reproductive issues facing the LGBTQ community and how participants can show up for reproductive justice during the next legislative session.

Register for the virtual reproductive justice panel here

LGBTQ Older Adults Friendly Caller Program

Many LGBTQ older adults lived during a time of harsher discrimination and felt a need to hide their true selves.  In some cases, they may have been rejected by their biological families. Often, they lost friends, including some through the AIDS epidemic. Today many are without someone to talk with, share memories, or discuss resources.  Those living in care facilities often feel most alone, and some feel the need to return to the closet. Having conversations with others who have experienced similar challenges is therapeutic.

The One Iowa Friendly Caller Program connects LGBTQ older Iowans with members of the LGBTQ community through weekly phone calls. Regular calls through the Friendly Caller Program may alleviate stress and improve health among LGBTQ older adult participants by providing increased connections and support.

We’re looking for volunteers and participants for our pilot program launching in October. Find more information here

Tell Iowa’s Senators to vote for the Equality Act

The Equality Act is a necessary piece of legislation that would update our federal civil rights laws to include LGBTQ people. Among the protections included are those for employment, housing, credit, jury service, federally funded programs, and public places and spaces. Passing this bill would provide explicit, consistent protections in those areas for all LGBTQ people in the US.

One Iowa Action created an easy form for you to write Iowa’s Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst to urge them to pass the Equality Act.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.


One Iowa Team

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