Ras Smith Calls Out Reynolds For Politicizing Covid

Iowa needs a governor who will try to solve problems not politicize them. Rep. Ras Smith has announced his candidacy for governor of Iowa.  He is standing up for kids against Reynolds’ law that leaves them defenseless against Covid in school. Check out his website where you can make a donation or join the campaign. https://www.rasforiowa.com/ Follow Ras on Twitter and 


Last month, Governor Kim Reynolds stripped power away from Iowa’s schools when she banned mask requirements statewide. This decision takes local control away from our communities who know what’s best for their schools and students.

Now, the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights is investigating the state of Iowa for banning masks in schools, because it puts children with disabilities and underlying medical conditions at greater risk of COVID-19.

Not only did Governor Reynolds ban masks, she also returned $95 million in federal funds meant for COVID-19 mitigation in Iowa schools. According to research by North Carolina State University, without any COVID mitigation, 75-95% of vulnerable K-12 students may get infected in the first 90 days they’re back in school. We have seen schools across Iowa that have been unable to start on time due to too many teachers contracting COVID or having to quarantine.

As the father of two young girls who are back in school, the husband of a public school teacher, and the ranking member of the Education Committee in the Iowa House of Representatives, I’m deeply concerned and troubled by Gov. Reynolds’ power-grab and refusal to help ensure that our students can stay in school safely during this pandemic.

Simply put, Gov. Reynolds is putting politics before our children. It’s not right, and Iowans deserve better. If you agree, help me take on Gov. Reynolds at the ballot box next year and give our state a leader who will put our students, families, and communities first.

Thank you for standing with me on this crucial issue impacting so many Iowans,


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