Quick Hitters

Somehow I missed that Karl Marx wrote “Mein Kampf” in 1848. I always thought it was Groucho

Some short thoughts on our current state of affairs:

  • Did you ever think that if the Supreme Court had not appointed George W. president, and Al Gore eventually became president when the count in Florida was done, we would not be in Afghanistan today. Nor would we have attacked Iraq. Neither country had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks.
  • For that matter, a President Gore would have most likely responded to the Presidential Daily Briefing and 9/11. May have been avoided.
  • One final Gore thought. Since the country was on a glide path to getting out of debt, we wouldn’t be in this huge deficit that has been mostly created by Republican fiscal mismanagement – unpaid for wars and massive tax cuts for the rich.
  • Perhaps non-vaxxers should be treated like smokers in restaurants and not allowed in. This is not denying their rights. They made a choice and it has consequences.
  • We need official document to separate the vaxxed from the non-vaxxed.  Again, then non-vaxxed made a choice and it should have consequences.
  • It is scary to think that many of the loud anti-maskers who are showing up at School Board meetings and threatening Board members are very likely toting loaded guns thanks to all the new open carry laws.
  • This intimidation politics has been in full throttle since the Tea Party days. This is how intolerant minorities gain power.|
  • Watching the Olympics, I was rather enthralled by the rowing races. Every one had their backs to the finish line yet they were all able to keep a straight line to the goal. This was due to everybody rowing together. Up in Minnesota, coach PJ Fleck has a team motto of ‘everyone rowing together.’ He has achieved some amazing results with some mediocre talent.  Imagine what the US could do if we rowed together. Yet we have a large minority segment that refuses to join in. But they are fueled by the wealthiest among us.
  • As President Biden gets us out of yet another Republican swamp. Republicans scream we should stay. They always seem to have money for forever wars, but can’t find a nickel to give to some poor out of work schmuck.
  • So it looks like we suddenly have some money freed up that was going to forever wars in the Middle East. Maybe we could use that money for infrastructure repair and rebuilding. Republicans are always claiming they want “pay for” for any domestic projects.
  • I have always felt that one of the major reasons we invaded Afghanistan was to burn through money so it couldn’t be used for social safety net programs. Same is true of Iraq.
  • And of course another big reason was to create Great War profits for corporations.

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