Sunday Funday: Back To School Edition

Wish this were a normal back to school situation. Many parents know that their kids are being set up for a probable brush with the Covid virus. Maybe one of the best things that the kids will learn this year is to believe in peer reviewed science and skepticism. Especially skepticism about why gods allow such suffering and why our leaders are often so incapable.

Good luck kids, especially the unable to be vaccinated under 12 set.

A) The huge surprise of the week was President Biden announcing the US would be quickly leaving what Middle East country after 20 years of war?

B) While the timeline for US withdrawal may seem quick, it is actually many months behind the schedule set by what previous president?

C) The state fair ends today. What prominent Republican, credibly accused of sex trafficking,  came to the fair?

D) A major controversy arose after the Biden Administration recommended what beginning 8 months after mRNA vaccinations?

E) August 28, 1963. What major event took place in Washington, DC?

F) He’s in. He’s out. Who was hired as the new host of Jeopardy last week and then fired this week after incidents in his past were brought to light?

G) As covid cases soar, performing artists are cancelling live concerts. Among those cancelling include what major country superstar who called off 5 stadium appearances?

H) What US state is under a hurricane watch for the first time in 10 years? If Hurricane Henri hits it will be the first direct hit in 30 years.

I) The Iowa State Fair is ending today. Has the attendance been up or down compared to the last fair in 2019?

J) 15 minutes of fame: What did Floyd Ray Rosebury do this week to get his 15 minutes of fame?

K) One America Network (OAN) lost in its attempt to sue what MSNBC journalist for libel and then was forced to pay all legal fees?

L) In very concerning environmental news, rain was observed falling for the first time on the highest point of what normally frigid island? 

M) Leaders for what company deeply involved with oxycontin are demanding the be let off the hook for all current and future lawsuits or they will not settle?

N) What Major League Baseball teams will be participating in next year’s game at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa?

O) The Biden Administration announced student loan forgiveness for as much as $5.8 billion for students who are what?

P) Utah’s governor two weeks ago got a letter from a citizen demanding that he change what because it is obscene and offensive?

Q) New Zealand went into a snap lockdown Tuesday to stop the spread of the delta variant. How many cases caused them to decide to shut down?

R) What state announced they have run out of ICU beds last week?

S) Which NFL will require its fans to show proof of vaccination in order to attend home games?

T) $6.6 million is the price paid for a 1909 baseball card of what player?

And just like that, all the infectious disease experts on Twitter became military strategists. – Sundae Gurl tweet

The above harkens back to the 1980s when Christians had a reason to mask.


A) Afghanistan

B) Trump

C) Matt Gaetz

D) Those vaccinated get a booster shot

E) The March on Washington (King’s “I Have a Dream” speech)

F) Mike Richards

G) Garth Brooks

H) Massachusetts

I) so far down @7% through Thursday

J) He was the guy who threatened to blow up the Library of Congress with a bomb for various grievances. He meant to attack the capitol but got it wrong.

K) Rachel Maddow

L) rain fell for several hours on an area 10,551 feet in elevation on Aug. 14 in Greenland

M) Purdue Pharmaceutical 

N) Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds

O) totally permanently disabled

P) Governor Spencer Cox got letter demanding he change his surname which the writer described as obscene etc.

Q) 1

R) Alabama

S) Las Vegas Raiders

T) Honus Wagner

TX GOV: don’t worry about me, I got three vaccine doses and the best taxpayer-funded healthcare available

MOMS: but what are you doing to protect our chil-

TX GOV: I said I’m fine. – Jake Maccoby

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