First Of A Couple Of Short Videos On Covid

These will be posted separately since posting videos together can cause loading to stall.

The first video is a 30 second video put out by the Australian government on the reality of suffering with Covid:

As Thom Hartmann described it one day, it is drowning in your own snot. A hell of a way to die. Especially when it is preventable.

Preventable. Don’t forget that. Get vaccinated!

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1 Response to First Of A Couple Of Short Videos On Covid

  1. A.D. says:

    Let’s imagine for a moment what it would have been like in late 1918 if an effective vaccine had suddenly become available that could protect people from getting infected by the virus causing the global influenza pandemic. Most Iowans would have gratefully stood in line for hours on end to be able to get that vaccine.

    It would be very hard to explain to those long-ago Iowans what is happening here now.


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