Sunday Funday: Lughnasadh Edition

As we slowly move out of summer and into the fall the air gets crisper and less humid and cooler weather sneaks in here and there. The pagans divided the year into eight pieces rather than the four seasons that we are used to. Therefore each part of the wheel of the year is about 45 days or so – nothing exact. 

August first is about the beginning of Lughnasadh – kind of the pre-Autumn. There are no exact dates. As one who is not a fan of summer I am always happy to see Lughnasadh pop up every year. Celebrate if you wish. The real purpose of Lughnasadh is early harvest especially for things like grains.

So somewhat along those lines, here is Neil DeGrasse Tyson discussing religion and science. A very entertaining (the guy is funny) 10 minutes:

A) A surprising study by the CDC released Friday showed that in an outbreak in Massachusetts nearly what percentage of those who got the Covid virus had been vaccinated?

B) How much did the IHP’s little adventure on the Mexico-Texas border (ordered by Governor Reynolds) cost Iowa taxpayers? (Who did you think was paying for it?)

C) What congressman admitted to wearing body armor when he gave a fire brand speech on January 6th, thus undermining his claim that he knew nothing of potential risks on the day?

D) In a totally surprising announcement in college football, Texas and Oklahoma both announced they were seeking to leave the Big-12 conference to join what other conference?

E) Big breakup in the right wing news world. What major advertiser on Fox News announced he was “pausing” his advertising there?

F) Simone Biles withdrew from Olympic competition after she suffered a case of the what during a difficult routine?

G) Unless I missed a very late announcement, what national moratorium expired at midnight which may cause real problems for renters nationwide?

H) On Friday the DOJ said that the Treasury Department “must furnish” whose tax returns to the House Ways and Means Committee?

I) In welcome news for Iowa Democrats who announced her candidacy for Iowa’s first district congressional seat?

J) August 1, 1944 the last entry into a diary that would become a perennial world wide best seller is penned by whom?

K) Iowa basketball star Luka Garza was drafted by what NBA team in the second round Thursday night?

L) Who criminally referred Dr. Anthony Fauci to the DOJ for allegedly lying to Congress about funding gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

M) The senate passed a resolution to open debate on what supposed bipartisan bill Wednesday?

N) The field in Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium has been named for what former great Iowa football player and civil rights leader?

O) In a tense questioning between MOCs (members of congress) Jaime Rankin and Andy Clyde, Clyde defended his assessment that the people at the capital January 6th were what?

P) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called what opposition party member a “moron” for opposing the mask mandate imposed on the House by their attending physician?

Q) What long running PBS children’s animated TV show is slated to end next year, bringing to a close a 25 year run?

R) As if China hadn’t had enough flooding rains in interior provinces, Typhoon In-fa slammed into what major Chinese coastal city Monday?

S) What symbol was etched into a wall at the State Department causing SoS Anthony Blinken to go ballistic?

T) The justice Department seized a cuneiform tablet bearing a portion of “The Epic of Gilgamesh” from the owners of what chain store?

It’s telling, this morning, how many white Americans think Simone Biles is their personal property instead of an actual human being. – Jim Wright


A) 75%

B) $300,000 – I doubt we will get a thank you

C) Mo Brooks of Alabama

D) the SEC

E) “Pillow guy” Mike Lindell who has been dissatisfied with Fox’s support of his conspiracy theories. He is Tucker Carlson’s main advertiser.

F) the “Twisties” (could be very dangerous for a gymnast)

G) the eviction moratorium for renters

H) Trump’s

I) State Senator Liz Mathis

J) Anne Frank (pardon me while I shed a tear)

K) Detroit Pistons. Fellow Hawkeye Joe Weiskamp was selected by San Antonio. Good luck fellows.

L) Kentucky senator Rand Paul

M) The infrastructure bill

N) Duke Slater – Slater already has a dormitory named in his honor on Iowa’s campus

O) Tourists.  Seriously

P) Minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

Q) Arthur

R) Shang-Hai

S) a swastika. 

T) Hobby Lobby

January 6 was an inside job. – Jeff Tiedrich

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  1. A.D. says:

    Poor swastika, it is now, simultaneously, a loathed symbol of Nazi fascism in the West and a religious and spiritual symbol of good fortune and prosperity in several Eurasian nations Talk about a divided image.


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