“Executive Branch Was Complicit In The Planning”

At 2:25 interviewer Geoff Bennet asks Retired General Honore if the Executive Branch was complicit? Konore’s answer is blunt. The whole video is well worth watching. 7 minutes:

This is pretty much in line with what Americans watched on January 6th. Like many I sat transfixed as the scenes unfolded on the various cable channels that day. A violent attack on the US capital and no reinforcements to help out. 

It seems like this week has seen what now passes for the Republican Party and their cronies in the right wing media doing all they can to divert the talking points away from any hearings or mentions of January 6th. Eric Garland on Twitter put the diversion this way:

The GOP is not upset about masks. They are upset that they’re caught for treason.

The GOP is not upset about infrastructure. They are upset that they’re caught for treason.

The GOP is not upset about Olympic athletes. They are upset that they’re caught for treason.

The GOP will be throwing out the following issues to distract from the hearings on their plan to murder elected officials and overthrow democracy:

Roe v Wade, guns, evolution, birth control pills, race, religion…

…anything to keep from discussing their treason.

The GOP decided to sell America’s democracy out. There is a pile of corpses already around that decision, and there would have been many more.

The GOP doesn’t want to discuss treason.

And yet, it’s all that matters.

Until every traitor is held to account.


They’re also bringing back their top seller: immigration ‘crisis’

Notice that last comment about bringing back ‘immigration crisis.’ Will Kim Reynolds please step forward and accept our admiration for blaming the covid spike on

“migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border for some of the nation’s Covid-19 spike, saying “none of them are vaccinated and they’re getting dispersed throughout the country.”

Part of that big machine aren’t you, Kim? Where do you get your orders from? Divert, divert, divert.

Just plain disgusting.

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