Sunday Funday: Dog Days Of Summer Edition

This is the time of year when the heat rises and tempers grow short. This year is even worse due to a higher than normal outbreak of heat, the western US and Canada on fire with smoke spreading across the country and flooding seemingly every where in the world. In short, all the predictions of what climate change will bring are starting to come true.

And let us not forget that the Covid-19 pandemic that we should have been beating by now is roaring back thanks to the anti-vaxxers who refuse to to take a proven vaccine. We are once again seeing huge numbers of cases, hospitals filling up and people dying. Unfortunately this is giving the virus a chance to beat our vaccine defenses. 

So now comes my weekly plea: Please get vaccinated, today if not sooner!

A) Speaking of getting vaccinated, what southern governor has done a 180 degree turn and is pleading with citizens inherent state to get vaccinated?

B) As of Friday, the Cleveland Major League Baseball team will no longer be known as the Indians, but as what?

C) In a true surprise at the Olympic Games in Tokyo the highly touted US women’s soccer team lost to who?

D) Paul Hodgkins got his 15 minutes of fame as he became the first person to be sentenced for what?

E) The Bootleg Fire is burning out of control in what western state?

F) How many Iowans face potential eviction as the federal moratorium on evictions ends in the next two weeks?

G) Forty percent of all new Covid-19 cases are taking place in what 3 states in the US?

H) After Speaker Pelosi rejected some of Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy’s nominees to the special committee on January 6th, what did McCarthy do?

I) What other Republican congress member did Speaker Pelosi nominate to the January 6th committee?

J) Senator Rand Paul said he would prefer charges to the DOJ against what administration Covid-19 leader for (as Paul claims) lying to congress?

K) Rep. Madison Cawthorne of NC called what Covid-19 fighter a “pawn for the Chinese government”?

L) Despite resistance from Republican leaders in Missouri, the Missouri Supreme Court ordered that the state must implement changes to what program that was voted in in the last election?

M) The gun that lawman Pat Garrett killed Billy the Kid with will go on the auction block next month. What will be the initial bid be set at?

N) July 26, 1944 the US Army began the end of segregation in the Army as it desegregated what facilities?

O) Passengers on subways in what country were caught in flood water up to their necks as rain continued over several days?

P) Old Chuck Grassley picked up a major opponent in the 2022 Iowa senate race when who threw her hat in the ring?

Q) Life expectancy went down how much in the US in 2020?

R) A group of states Attorney General reached a settlement with Johnson & Johnson and three major distributors of opioids for how much last week?

S) What former chair of Trump’s inaugural committee is accused of failing to register as a foreign agent of the UAE?

T) 50 years between titles! What team won the NBA title Tuesday night?

Donald Trump demanding endless praise for the vaccine he now demands you don’t take is all the proof you need that the family of raccoons living inside his head have finally chewed through the wiring. – Jeff Tiedrich


A) Kay Ivey of Alabama

B) the Guardians

C) Sweden 3 to 0

D) the January 6th coup

E) Oregon

F) 30,000 

G) Florida, Texas and Missouri

H) Withdrew all of his nominees

I) Kinsinger of Illinois

J) Dr. Anthony Fauci

K) Dr. Anthony Fauci

L) Medicaid

M) $2 million

N) training facilities – the official desegregation order did not come until 1948

O) China specifically Henan province

P) Former Rep Abby Finkenauer

Q) 1.5 years

R) $26 billion

S) Thomas Barack

T) The Milwaukee Bucks

Rand Paul Says That Knowing What He’s Talking About Would Make Him Unable To Do His Job. – Andy Borowitz

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