Sunday Funday: July Fourth Edition!

Are the Democrats on the rebound? If you love America, you better hope so. Republicans are being manipulated like puppets as they turn this once great democracy into an oligarchy of the extremely wealthy. If you can’t believe it, we just had one of them as president. How did that work out for us? 600,000 dead and thousands of other lives shattered. Our enemies were suddenly our friends and given access to who knows what?

Here’s to PRESIDENT Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has just appointed a select committee that should give us the real story on the attempted coup by Trump’s army. That is really something to look forward to!

A) That select committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection – who will be the chair?

B) The town of Lytton, British Columbia recorded Canada’s highest temperature ever early this week. Then what happened?

 For today’s quiz we will ask questions about the Revolutionary War not just the 4th of July:

C) What American General was known as the Swamp Fox?

D) The week began with the fully unexpected release of what very famous American prisoner?

E) AG Merrick Garland announced the stoppage of what form of punishment in the federal prison system that had been restarted by the previous Administration?

F) What intellectual movement is associated with the American Revolution?

G) One bright spot in Iowa’s pandemic period were the sales of what quasi-governmental industry whose sales increased 25%?

H) There were many cultural issues brought into play as what major pop star tried to bring an end to the conservatorship imposed on her by her father?

I) How many charges did the grand jury hand down on Trump Company CFO Allen Weiselberg Thursday?

J) Perhaps America’s most able general, who switched sides thus causing his name to be a synonym for traitor?

K) In a ranking of US presidents by historians for CSPAN, which president ended up dead last?

L) What right wing voice announced she would be leaving ABC daytime show “The View” in September?

M) The SCOTUS ended its term with a party line 6 to 3 defeat for a major piece of what 1965 civil rights legislation?

N) Not all colonists supported the Revolution. What were colonists who supported remaining with Britain known as at that time?

O) On July 1st the Communist Party of China celebrated how many years of existence?

P) A study from the London School of Economics found that the big tax cuts in the US since Reagan have contributed how much to our economy?

Q) During the Revolutionary War General Ethan Allen commanded an army known by what colorful name?

R) President Biden chose what state to unveil his infrastructure plans?

S) Last week saw the death of what perhaps most reviled Secretary of Defense in our history?

T) The Federal Trade Commission’s first meeting under new Chair Lina Khan broke decades of precedent Thursday by doing what?

A few more – I am cooking!

U) To really impress the spectators, what two Republican senators did push ups on a stage at Sioux Center, Iowa last week?

V) The city council of what California city decided that gun owners will pay an annual tax to help defray costs incurred by gun related incidents?

W) Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy called what an “Woman’s problem?”

Whew I am done!

Can we finally stop pretending it’s radical to expand the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, and end the filibuster? We do these things, or we let democracy die. It really is that simple. – Robert Reich


A) Rep. Benny Thompson of Mississippi

B) It burned down a couple of days later

C) Francis Marion 

D) Bill Cosby

E) he paused the death penalty

F) The Enlightenment

G) The Lottery

H) Brittney Spears

I) 15

J) Benedict Arnold

K) James Buchanan (I hear a distant voice saying the vote was rigged)

L) Meghan McCain

M) The 1965 Voting Rights Act

N) Loyalists

O) 100

P) Nothing, NADA

Q) The Green Mountain Boys

R) Wisconsin

S) Donald Rumsfeld

T) Meeting in public for the first time

U) Tom Cotton and the immortal Chuck Grassley

V) San Jose

W) Infrastructure – seems women drive on bridges and highways to do their shopping (Cassidy could use some critical gender training) 

Notice one thing missin’ from all of Trump’s statements and lawyers?  A denial. – Tea Pain

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