Sunday Funday: Mask Or No Mask Edition

Hey! A new Randy Rainbow!

Well, the CDC made an announcement Thursday that only the non-vaccinated among us need to wear a mask. Yeah, like that’s going to happen! Those folks aren’t wearing masks now. They have spent most of the last 15 months ignoring science. What would make the CDC believe they would wear masks now?

But the announcement was that those of us who are vaccinated no longer need o wear masks. Call me a skeptic, but with the number of cases exploding in India and most of the rest of the world far from having any kind of control over the virus, my personal view is that the virus has plenty of places and opportunity to mutate to a state that can elude the vaccines. Then that mutated super virus can work its way back to the US. Therefore I will stay masked except when pretty much alone outdoors and in my own house.

We are far from being in a situation where we can throw caution to the wind. We only have around 50% of adults vaccinated which leaves fertile ground for mutations in this country also. The current vaccines are not a 100% shield. For those who do not believe in evolution, watch closely as the coronavirus is evolving daily to continue to thrive. It cares not about our miracle drugs – those are just another hurdle to jump.

As for me I shall remain masked and socially distanced.

A) In a cowardly voice vote, US House Republicans removed what member from their leadership team?

B) Representative Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde stated during a House Oversight Committee hearing that what was little more than a “normal tourist visit”?

C) As an incentive to get people vaccinated, Ohio is offering what with a vaccination?

D) What US Representative with little to do tried to start a fight with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the halls of the US Capitol Wednesday?

E) The age for Covid vaccination has been lowered to what for the Pfizer vaccine?

F) May 15, 1972 – 49 years ago today. What presidential candidate is shot but not killed in Laurel, Maryland?

G) Mother Jones released a video showing a spokesperson for what organization bragging about their role in state by state voter suppression laws?

H) This is the halfway point of the severe weather season in Iowa. How many tornadoes has Iowa reported so far this year?

I) A gas shortage in the eastern US was caused by what?

J) This shortage caused people to hoard gas. Among vessels people put gas in for storage included what flimsy item people get at grocery stores and Walmarts?

K) In Iowa, Governor Reynolds showed her loyalty to business by cutting what benefit to workers?

L) May 17, 1954 the SCOTUS announces one of the most momentous decisions in its history, declaring what illegal in public schools in the case of Brown v. Board?

M) When you’ve got it, flaunt it. What multi-multi-billionaire announced he is building a billion dollar yacht?

N) No Show: What hall of fame quarterback owes the state of Mississippi $600,000 he was paid for speaking engagements that he did not show up for?

O) In the race for crazy Republican state laws, Michigan may have taken the lead with a law that would force what group of people to register with the state and carry a $1 million fidelity bond?

P) And the set fades to dark: What Hollywood biggie announced she would end her daily talk show after 19 years?

Q) What continuing world hot spot heated up even more this week as members from both sides were injured and killed?

R) May 17, 1792: Two dozen merchants and brokers meet under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street in NYC to establish what?

S) A bridge on I-40 between what two states has been shut down when a possible serious crack was found?

T) 47After 2 years of legal wrangling what former White House counsel will testify behind closed doors to House Democrats?

DAILY REMINDER: Donald Trump killed over a half-million Americans and led an armed attack against our nation’s capitol. – Tea Pain


A) Liz Cheney

B) The Trump inspired attack on the capitol January 6th

C) A ticket in a million dollar prize lottery

D) Marjory Taylor Greene. 

E) 12 years

F) George Wallace

G) Heritage Foundation sub group Heritage Action

H) 2 – a normal tornado season has 50

I) A ransomware attack on Colonial Pipelines computer systems

J) Plastic bags OMG!

K) An extra unemployment insurance benefit of $300/ week

L) School segregation based only on race

M) Jeff Bezos former CEO of Amazon. 

N) Brett Favre. The money came from the Mississippi welfare money

O) Fact-checkers

P) Ellen DeGeneres

Q) Israel and the Gaza Strip

R) The New York Stock Exchange

S) Tennessee and Arkansas

T) Former White House Counsel Don McGahn

Trump, a guy who’s never won the popular vote, twice impeached, rated the worst president ever, serially corrupt, a traitor, rapist, racist, gave the GOP a perfect out on Jan 6. They could’ve easily just turned the page. But instead they said, “Nope, we’ll stick with him.” – David Rothkopf



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