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Somewhere along all the stories that are floating around about Rudy Giuliani’s apartment being raided by the FBI, I thought I heard that Giuliani supposedly said “well, if they will come after me, then they will come after anyone.” If he didn’t say it that is OK. We will use that idea to illustrate a point.

The point is that this is America and one of the deepest held tenets of this country is that NO ONE is above the law. Unfortunately we had a really bad outbreak of “you can’t touch me” -itis during the Trump years.

We had cabinet department heads acting like little Caesars and then refusing to answer to anyone, ignoring or right out defying congressional subpoenas. We had people armed to the teeth running will in the halls of state government and at the national capitol acting as if they would never have to stand up for their trespasses. We continue to have governors who defy national laws. We have big businesses who defy laws.

When the media tries to paint a picture of lawlessness in this country many people think of some poor schmuck who commits a small time robbery. The real crimes are those that undermine our country and our economy. It is well past time to picture the white collar criminal when we think of crime in the US. 

And it is well past time that those  who thumbed their nose at the law for the past four years like Rudy Giuliani are brought to justice. Even having once been the president should make no difference in justice being served.

  1. A little over a week ago a new vaccine was announced for what ancient and current killer disease that is most prevalent in tropical areas?
  1. Early census figures came out. Did Iowa grow more or less than 5%?
  1. The Donald Trump campaign has been turned over to a bill collector because they have failed to pay bills run up in what southwestern city?
  1. A letter of confession by Joel Greenburg ties what sitting congressman to having sex with an underage girl?
  1. Not only have 200 million vaccines been administered in Biden’s first 100 days, how many Americans are fully vaccinated?
  1. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is suing the Biden Administration to allow SD to have fireworks at what national park in South Dakota?
  1. What governor will be facing a recall election probably in November since opponents have secured enough signatures on a petition to force the election?
  1. Bucking a century of denial by the US, President Biden recognized the massacre of what group of people at the hands of the Ottoman Empire as a genocide?
  1. May 1st has traditionally Labor Day in socialist countries. Fittingly it is also the birthday of what late 19th and early 20th century female labor leader?
  1. 10 years ago today, special forces operations carried out a mission in Abbottabad, Pakistan that assassinated what terrorist?
  1. In a year when theaters were mostly closed Oscars were awarded anyway. What film won for best picture?
  1. Corona virus in India is simply out of control. About how many new cases are being recorded daily in India
  1. The scion of what noted Christian family known fro their cable TV show was arrested Friday on child pornography charges?
  1. Among the strange and false rumors circulating in right wing world this week include a story that the Biden Administration will be banning what staple of the American diet?
  1. Another goofy rumor and lie is that immigrant children at the border are given a copy of whose book by the US government?
  1. Not a rumor is that the FDA is taking steps to remove what flavor additive from tobacco products?
  1. The US economy moved ahead at what rate during the first quarter of 2021?
  1. The one who drove the getaway car. What Apollo 11 astronaut who didn’t get to descend to the moon died this week at age 90?
  1. Tucker Carlson defined child abuse on Fox News this week as a child wearing what outdoors?
  1. Thursday was Amtrak’s 50th anniversary. What frequent Amtrak user known to workers on the train as “Amtrak Joe” came to Philadelphia to celebrate the occasion?

The NRA reminds you that your children aren’t quite as important as the right of convicted felons to obtain a gun. – John Fugelsang

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  1. Malaria – there are current vaccines but they have low effectiveness. This new one checks in at over 75% effective.
  1. Less than 5%
  1. Albuquerque
  1. Matt Gaetz
  1. 100 million fully vaccinated or nearly 30%
  1. Mt. Rushmore. Remember last year when Trump held a bid super spreader rally there on the 4th?
  1. Governor Newsome of California. Kailin Jenner is already to jump in.
  1. Armenians
  1. Mary “Mother” Jones.
  1. Osama Bin Laden
  1. Nomadland
  1. 400,000. Many say that is only about 5% of the real number. Pray it doesn’t mutate and come back at us.
  1. Josh Duggar
  1. The hamburger. Larry Kudlow even added that we will no longer be able to get meat based beer.
  1. VP Kamala Harris
  1. Menthol
  1. 6.4%
  1. Michael Collins
  1. A mask.
  1. President Biden

You can’t expect people to get over Trump losing when they haven’t gotten over Robert E. Lee losing. – Randi Mayem Singer

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