Sunday Funday: Think Big Edition

40 seconds:

Why bring a stick when there is a log to bring? America has plenty of problems, but they can be solved. We have shown before in the 1930s to the late 1960s that America did have the stuff to solve big problems – like putting a man on the moon. There is pandemic to put down and a planet to save. We know the enemy and we have the leadership that is up to the task. As my parents always used to say – there is no time like the present!

  1. Issues are being brought up in congress that haven’t been tried for a long time. For instance a vote was taken in the House on statehood for what federal district?
  1. News media in the US and around the world stopped as the verdict for what ex-policeman in Minnesota was handed down Tuesday?
  1. Happy Anniversary! A year ago last Friday the then president suggested what methods for people to attack the corona virus?
  1. So much for peaceable assembly. Wednesday, the governor of Oklahoma signed a bill that allowed a car driver to do what?
  1. How many Antifa members have been arrested so far in the investigations into the January 6th insurrection at the US capitol?
  1. Perhaps the only politician who ever said he would raise taxes during a campaign, what former VP died last week at age 93?
  1. The Iowa legislature sent a bill to Governor Reynolds that would end what kind of programs in five specific Iowa school districts?
  1. A promise kept and then some. What milestone number of vaccinations did the US pass in this past week?
  1. What internationally acclaimed environmentalist testified before congress on Earth Day?
  1. Even as the verdict was being handed down in Minneapolis, what was transpiring in Columbus, Ohio?
  1. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced and the backed off instituting a congressional caucus pushing “Anglo-Saxon values” called what?
  1. What right wing rocker who had called the corona virus a  “scam” had a particularly bad case of the virus last week?
  1. Due to money problems Russia massed soldiers at the border of what country, then announced they would send them home?
  1. In Florida a couple planned a big wedding in their dream mansion last Saturday. What was the big hitch in their plans?
  1. An Iowan settled with the city of Cedar Rapids for how much after he was shot and paralyzed from the neck down during a traffic stop?
  1. Dr. Ben Carson during an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox said what was never given a real chance at stemming the corona virus?
  1. President Biden pledged that the US would cut its pollution by what percentage by 2030?
  1. The Biden Administration is considering a new regulation to lower the limit of what addictive substance in cigarettes?
  1. The Manhattan district attorney announced they would no longer prosecute what crime?
  1. In Seattle in its Whole Foods stores, Amazon is testing a method of paying that scans what part of the customer’s body?

Stacey Abrams has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The sound you hear is the tantrum of a toddler in Mar-a-Lago. – Andrea Junker

whiny-trump AHNC


  1. Washington DC
  1. Derek Chauvin
  1. Internally taking bleach and disinfectants. Brilliant!
  1. Drive into crowds of protestors
  1. 0. Antifa doesn’t exist
  1. Walter Mondale
  1. Diversity
  1. 200 million, twice what Biden promised.
  1. Greta Thunberg
  1. A 16 year old girl was shot to death by a policeman responding to a fight in progress.
  1. America First – a name that harkens back to the Nazi sympathizers of WWII.
  1. Ted Nugent
  1. Ukraine
  1. They never asked or told the mansion’s owner they were going to use his mansion.
  1. $8 million
  1. Hydroxychloquine
  1. 50% – think big!
  1. Nicotine.
  1. Prostitution
  1. Their hand

So I suppose Maxine Waters would’ve been fine if she had chanted the far less incendiary “Hang Mike Pence!” – Jeremy Newberger


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