Sunday Funday: Earth Day Next Thursday Edition

About the cutest smile I have ever seen:

You can’t see the forest for the trees and you can’t see the climate for the weather. It is cool in Iowa for April, so I guess we can bury our heads in the sand once more and pretend there is no climate problems.

Unfortunately there are plenty of climate problems. To underscore that, some news reporting has slowly started to favor the term “climate emergency” over the more well known “climate change” or “climate crisis.” Will the word emergency do anything to get some people, especially a certain American political party, to change their behaviors and do even a little to stop the looming crisis?

If the word “pandemic” can’t get through their thick skulls, I doubt “emergency” will mean anything to them. Just another libtard scare to take way their “freedumbs.” 

Well at least for a while we will have President Biden who does understand what a climate emergency is and will actually do something about it.

  1. He has a heart? What former major government official had a pacemaker implanted Wednesday?
  1. President Biden took his first plunge into foreign diplomacy Friday as he hosted the Prime Minister of what ally?
  1. In a very distressing video from Chicago, a boy who was how old was shot by a policeman as he (the boy) stopped running and turned to the police man with his empty hands up?
  1. Friday was the 106th day of the year. As of Friday how many mass shootings had been recorded in the US? 
  1. The most recent mass shooting took place Friday at a Fed-Ex facility in what major midwestern city?
  1. Evidence released Thursday by the Treasury Department verified that Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was colluding with what Russian agent to affect the 2016 presidential campaign?
  1. A bill to expand the number of what group was taken off the table by Speaker Pelosi last week?
  1. Ignoring the constitution, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley slammed what businesses for “violating free speech”?
  1. What region of the earth produces 20% of the planets oxygen?
  1. They take their basketball seriously in Indiana. Last week a brawl broke out involving a game referee and what other group of players?
  1. In Canada, an MP in a virtual meeting was caught in what state when he didn’t realize his camera was turned on?
  1. 246 years ago today came the legendary ride of what American patriot?
  1. Two historic face-offs occurred on April 19th, 28 and 26 years ago. In 1993, the Branch Davidian were driven from their compound near what Texas city?
  1. Two years later, a nine story federal building in what major southwest city was destroyed in seeming retaliation?
  1. Economic sanctions were imposed by the US against what country for their interference in the 2016 election?
  1. Legislation calling for the study of what controversial issue concerning long term back payments passed out of a House committee and will be discussed on the House floor?
  1. What Wall Street financier died in prison this week? His crime was a long running Ponzi scheme that bilked rich people of millions.
  1. President Biden announced what date as the target to withdraw troops from Afghanistan?
  1. Iowa had two rivers on the American Rivers endangered list. Can you name one?
  1. In Atlanta, a high school currently named for Confederate general and KKK leader leader Nathan Bedford Forrest will be renamed for what legendary Atlanta athlete?

Matt Gaetz never took COVID-19 seriously because she was a little too old for him. – Stephen Colbert

if guns made us safer


  1. Former VP Mike Pence
  1. PM Suga of Japan
  1. 13
  1. 147
  1. Indianapolis
  1. Konstantin Kilimnick
  1. The Supreme Court
  1. The tech giants
  1. The Amazon rainforest
  1. One of the girls basketball teams involved in the game
  1. He was naked as he changed clothes during the meeting.
  1. Paul Revere
  1. Waco
  1. Oklahoma City
  1. Russia
  1. Reparations
  1. Bernie Madoff
  1. Sept. 11
  1. The Lower Missouri River and the Raccoon River
  1. Athlete AND civil rights leader Henry Aaron!

Bernie Madoff died in prison because he stole from the rich. If he stole from the poor he would be a Republican member of Congress. – Deacon Blues

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