Data Shows Vaccines Extremely Effective

Data released Thursday showed that people who were vaccinated against Covid-19 have shown very high rates of protection against the virus.

So far, of the 77 million (77,000,000) Americans to be fully vaccinated 5,800 (.0075%) have been infected with the corona virus after vaccination. These are referred to as “breakthrough” cases. Of those 5,800 some 396 have been hospitalized (that is 7% of the 5,800) with 74 dying (1.3% of those infected). These numbers are all tremendously lower than those of the unvaccinated.

From MSN:

About 5,800 people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells CNN.

Some became seriously ill and 74 people died, the CDC said. It said 396 — 7% — of those who got infected after they were vaccinated required hospitalization.

This is the CDC’s first public accounting of breakthrough cases, and the agency is searching for patterns based on patient age and gender, location, type of vaccine, variants and other factors.

“So far, about 5,800 breakthrough cases have been reported to CDC. To date, no unexpected patterns have been identified in case demographics or vaccine characteristics,” the CDC told CNN via email.

About 77 million people in the US are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, according to a CNN analysis of CDC data. The CDC’s reports on breakthrough cases will lag day-to-day reports of vaccines given, so may not reflect the most current events.

Breakthrough cases are expected. The vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing infections and as 10s of millions of people are vaccinated, more and more such cases will be reported.

That is an effectivity rate of 99.9925% – about as close to a sure thing as you will ever see in this life.

If you are one of the ones who have been hesitating so far, I can think of no better argument for getting vaccinated than what you see here. – These vaccines work!

If you don’t get vaccinated, you are risking a horrible sickness and a possible horrible death that has been described as slowly drowning – gasping for every breath. Not only will you suffer, but you ay easily be the source of suffering for loved ones.

If that is not enough to persuade you, then also remember that as an unvaccinated host, you also become a place where the corona virus can mutate to possibly become resistant to the vaccine. That would make you essentially a traitor in the war against this horrible virus.

Those who continue to fill you with the total BS to persuade you to not get vaccinated co not care about you, your family, any freedom or liberty or the good of the country. All they want to do is use your body is some kind of sick political game. It makes no difference to them if you die. Plus your family will probably be left with a large bill for the hospital and funeral.

For your country, for your community, for your family and for your own mental health get vaccinated as soon as you can. Call your physicians office, call 211 or go to the Iowa Covid-19 webpage to get started on getting vaccinated!

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