Sunday Funday: Happy Easter Edition

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“The first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring.” Just in case you never knew how Easter was determined. Since it is supposed to be the annual commemoration of the of the greatest thing that ever happened to mankind – the redemption from sin – one would think that this date could be a little more specific every year. 

Why didn’t someone write the date down? After all, so much else was written about the days that those writings became the cornerstone of the earth’s great religion. Could it have been too much trouble for someone to say “Maybe we better with this date down, in case someone needs a death date for taxes.”

We are seeing old friends here and there these days. The very first question is “Are you vaccinated?” Followed by “which one did you get” and “Did you get both shots already?” What was that word we used to use when we met somebody? Oh, yeah, it was “Hello!”

  1. Biden promised jobs and jobs we got in March. How many jobs were added in the US in March according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics?
  1. Because Americans are getting vaccinated and because the vaccines are so efficacious, according to the CDC Americans can do what again?
  1. Americans are getting vaccinated at a rate of how many per day?
  1. What baked good is traditionally associated with Good Friday?
  1. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida has his name all over the news because of a scandal involving what?
  1. The investigation of Gaetz was begun by whom?
  1. Down in Missouri the legislature is getting lots of heat as they passed a budget without money for what measure passed by popular vote in the last election?
  1. In a small test, what group of people indicated 100% efficacy for the Pfizer corona virus vaccine?
  1. What baked good is traditionally associated with Easter? (Hint: think arms folded in prayer)
  1. In a big win for the tech industry in the US, the Biden Administration allowed the ban on what specific visas to expire?
  1. Conservatives claiming that this practice promotes Hinduism, the Alabama state legislature is considering a ban on teaching what in grades K-12?
  1. What book of the Bible mentions Easter eggs?
  1. As of Monday anyone in Iowa above age 16 will be eligible for what?
  1. In an unexpected announcement, what candidate withdrew her challenge of the election in Iowa’s second district?
  1. Texas Representative Louie Gohmert had a $5,000 fine upheld by the Ethics Committee for what transgression against House rules?
  1. Perhaps one of the most colorful (crazy?) characters to come out of the Watergate scandal, what former Republican operative died at the age of 90 last week?
  1. The main reason that Covid-19 vaccines cannot be mandated no is that the vaccines are currently allowed as what?
  1. In the trial of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin, the first witness for the prosecution was Jenna Lee Scurry who held what job at that time?
  1. Thanks to a big assist from the moon, what sea passage was cleared of a huge cargo ship blocking it?
  1. The U of Iowa women’s basketball team lost to what school in the sweet sixteen of the NCAA tournament last week?

Pro tip: my uncle spent three years in a basement, hiding from the Nazis. You can distance and wear a mask for just a few more months. – Jeff Tiedrich

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  1. 916,000
  1. Travel – provided they are fully vaccinated and wear masks
  1. Almost 3 million/ day
  1. Hot cross buns
  1. Sexual relations with underage girl(s) 
  1. William Barr, AG in the previous administration
  1. Medicaid expansion
  1. Children between 12 and 16
  1. The pretzel
  1. H1B
  1. Yoga (seriously)
  1. None of course
  1. A covid-19 vaccination
  1. Rita Hart
  1. Avoiding going through a metal detection screener
  1. G. Gordon Liddy
  1. Emergency treatment and not fully approved by the FDA
  1. 911 dispatcher
  1. Suez Canal. High tide lifted the Ever Given and allowed it to float
  1. Connecticut. 

Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated isn’t a political statement. It’s an IQ test. – Andrea Junker

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