Sunday Funday: Biden On Fire Edition

President Biden remembers 500,000 dead of Covid-19 (3 minutes):

What can you say? One month in and the far right wing Republicans are already declaring that Biden has failed his first hundred days in the first thirty. That’s because they know that if Biden gets to use that other 70 days of his first hundred days, people will be wondering whatever happened to that other party, whatever their names were.

As Black History month ends,  Women’s History month begins. To bring those two together with Biden’s enormous run out of the gate, let me mention this: Sometime in March (date to be announced) President Biden will give an address to a joint session of congress. This will not be an official State of the Union address but will look like one.

When Biden gives that address, as always the two folks behind him will be the next two in line for the presidency. This year there will be some major differences between the people who usually fill those seats and those who will be filling them this year.

In the place of what were normally two white, Christian males we will find one 80 year old white female San Francisco liberal and one half SE Asian / Black female, also liberal. Take a good look America. The times, they are a-changin’.

We seem to have lost track of that one guy – you know, the guy who tried to overthrow the government. Where’d he go?

  1. “100 million doses in 100 days.” boasted the incoming Biden Administration. Thursday, some 36 days into the new administration, what milestone dose was delivered?
  1. Taxes? You want to see taxes? How many pages of Trump’s taxes were turned over to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance last week?
  1. Republicans pull out their old tried and true maneuver of alleging sexual misconduct by a major Democratic politician. This time it is what governor?
  1. President Biden ordered flags flown at half staff as America surpassed what sad milestone?
  1. The Senate Justice Committee is holding hearings on Merrick Garland’s appointment as AG. What Senator refused to give Garland hearings when he was nominated for the SCOTUS?
  1. Kim Reynolds continues to play amateur hour with Covid vaccinations. As of Friday Iowa has a new website that will feature what?
  1. With the US Senate divided 50-50, which Democratic Senator is leveraging his power as the much needed 50th vote?
  1. March 1, 1781 America begins its national government under what newly ratified rules?
  1. Republicans in the Iowa legislature last week rushed through a bill concerning what as if their very lives depended on it?
  1. In Florida, Governor Ron De Santis ordered flags flown at half-staff in memory of what?
  1. US Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry said the earth had only how long to change course to avert the worst consequences of climate change?
  1. The first woman to make a real run at the presidency within today’s two party system was what congress woman from New York?
  1. Unsurprisingly, Republicans are attacking what Biden nominee for Interior Secretary?
  1. Next week, we expect a House vote on HR 1, a bill that would strengthen many provisions of what process that Republicans are weakening state by state?
  1. Over in South Dakota citizens are irate that what state official who killed a man he struck on the side of the road was only charged with a misdemeanor?
  1. President Biden has nominated 3 members to what group in what appears to be an effort to oust Louis DeJoy?
  1. President Biden held a virtual meeting with what close ally, vowing to renew relations?
  1. Covid-19 vaccinations will get a big boost as what company’s vaccine was endorsed by the FDA for emergency approval last week?
  1. What premiere athlete suffered possible career ending injuries as the car he drove was involved in a one car roll over accident in California?
  1. What woman is now due again to have her picture on US currency?

A million years ago I worked for Enron and I tried to explain the business model to my dad and when I was done he said “that sounds like check kiting” and I rolled my eyes because DADS and I figured I hadn’t explained it correctly but it turns out I nailed it. – Deborah Scaramastra tweet


  1. 50 millionth – they are ahead of schedule
  1. 1 million
  1. Cuomo of New York
  1. 500,000 dead of covid
  1. Chuck Grassley
  1. Places that might have vaccines. Not a place to set up appointments
  1. Joe Manchin of West Virginia
  1. The Articles of Confederation
  1. Voting suppression
  1. Rush Limbaugh. Several state agencies refused the order.
  1. 9 years
  1. Shirley Chisholm
  1. Deb Haaland
  1. Voting rights
  1. The Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg
  1. He nominated 3 members to the USPS Board of Governors. With those 3 + 2 leftovers liberals should have a 5 to 4 voting majority
  1. Justin Trudeau of Canada
  1. Johnson and Johnson
  1. Tiger Woods
  1. Harriet Tubman on the $20

For four years Trump got away with lying hour after hour, day after day, degrading the capacity of millions and millions to know the truth. Now Republicans are continuing to get TV bookings to lie about the election, a sign of media failure that must stop.– Michael Beschloss

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