Sunday Funday: O Whatta Year Edition

Good Bye! (3 minutes)

Let’s just sum it up to say that 2020 will not be forgotten easily.

Dear Leader is trying to bury President Biden in a hole so deep that he can never get out. Dear Leader does not know the power of Biden’s and the American people to do good.

  1. What two island nations have mostly avoided the corona virus pandemic? 
  1. January 21, a man is identified as having the first known case of corona virus in the US. What state was this first case identified in?
  1. Although the case isn’t brought to light for months a young black man named Ahmaud Arbury is shot in Brunswick, Ga. while doing what?
  1. What former Hollywood mogul and studio head is convicted of committing a first degree criminal sex act and third degree rape and sentence to 23 years in prison in February?
  1. The Democratic field for president is simply the most diverse field ever. Which candidate was the first gay candidate to run for president?
  1. In late January, Dear Leader announced the formation of a corona virus task force. Many of us thought that meant he would actually do something about the virus. Who was the original head of this task force?
  1. Nashville, Tennessee had a bad year. Besides the Christmas bombing what other disaster hit Nashville earlier in the year?
  1. Captain Brett Crozier of the USS Theodore Roosevelt is relieved of his command after he tried to do what?
  1. Promising never to lie to the White House press corps, what new presidential spokesperson holds the first WH news briefing in over 400 days in early May?
  1. The US surges past 100,000 cases of corona virus following what national holiday?
  1. Darnella Frazier of Minneapolis was honored with the PEN America award for courage for her recording of whose death in late May?
  1. What racing organization said confederate flags would no longer be welcome at their events in June?
  1. Amy Klobuchar removes herself from consideration as Joe Biden’s running mate suggesting Biden should pick a woman of color as his VP candidate. Who is eventually selected?
  1. In the middle of the corona virus pandemic, Dear Leader informed the UN that the US would withdraw from what international health organization?
  1. In early July what new Postmaster general sends out new procedures which will eventually lead to long delays in handling of mail, especially mail in ballots for the upcoming election?
  1. In a year when Dear Leader is pardoning all sorts of his criminal sycophants, he strangely pardons what suffragette leader posthumously? Her foundation rejected the pardon.
  1. Kyle Rittenhouse becomes a right wing hero in late August when he does what?
  1. Bob Woodward reveals a recording of what high government official saying he (the official) knew the corona virus was “highly contagious and deadly” despite downplaying the virus’ effects?
  1. The NYT reveals that what high government official paid no taxes in 10 of the 15 years from 2000 – 2015 and in 2 years when he did pay, he paid only $750?
  1. 13 people were charged in a plot to kidnap and kill what state’s governor?
  1. Continuing its series on taxes, the NYT reveals that what high government official maintains a secret bank account in China?
  1. In early November, which drugmaker announces data that shows its vaccine is over 90% effective?
  1. A week later, what other drugmaker announces a similar effectiveness for its vaccine?
  1. Sarah Fuller becomes the first woman to score in a major college football game when she kicks two extra points for what team?
  1. What state attorney general will be waiting for the end of the Trump presidency at noon on January 20th, maybe with some indictments prepared?



  1. Taiwan and New Zealand
  1. Washington
  1. Shot while jogging 
  1. Harvey Weinstein
  1. Pete Buttigieg
  1. Alex Azar
  1. They were hit by a tornado
  1. Get his sailors some help after a huge corona virus outbreak on the ship
  1. Kayleigh McEneny
  1. Memorial Day. Cases now nearing 21 million
  1. George Floyd
  1. Kamala Harris, of course
  1. The Who – World Health Organization
  1. Louis DeJoy
  1. Susan B. Anthony
  1. Murders a man at a protest in kenosha Wisconsin
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Pfizer / BioNtech
  1. Moderna
  1. Vanderbilt
  1. Letitia James of NY

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