Thank You, Congressman Loebsack

Dave Loebsack’s term in congress ends today. We will miss him.

I was going back over some videos of Congressman Loebsack to try to find one that would capture the essence of the Loebsack years. The video I selected is from 2017. No matter what videos of the Congressman I looked at there was a recurring theme: Loebsack told the truth and didn’t duck questions. 

Loebsack also proudly worked with Republicans on issues that were for the good of his constituents. He was a leader in working on farm issues and  for small businesses. He worked tirelessly to get broadband into the rural areas. Farming like all industries is becoming more and more dependent on information on the internet. Loebsack worked his butt off for his district, willingly working across the aisle as needed.

One thing we will really miss when Loebsack leaves is his availability. Most every weekend Loebsack was back in his district making appearances and mingling with his constituents. Nearly  everyone called him Dave. He listened to every constituent as an equal. Week after week, Dave was back in the district listening. He didn’t only listen to those he agreed with, he also would listen to those who disagreed with him to fully understand their perspective.

Dave gave us 14 good years through thick and thin. Surely we will see him at fundraisers and civic functions. Be sure to shake his hand (after the pandemic ends) and thank him for being something that we don’t always see any more – someone who worked his butt off for his district.

Thanks for those good years, Dave. We’ll see you around! 

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