Sunday Funday: It Is Christmas! Edition

As usual with the holiday quiz, we will have questions concerning holiday practices from around the world as well as Christmas trivia and some current events. Be careful, for I feel a bit giddy and goofy due to the prospect of the Trump circus pulling up stakes and heading down the road to Hell.

Somehow I missed this very important interview that Randy Rainbow did with Third (First?) Lady Melania Trump:

On to the show!

  1. As we hoped that we could get by the last few days of the current administration, we find out what major incident has happened?
  1. The inoculations for corona virus started off with a bang, but may come to a grinding halt as the administration failed to do what?
  1. How many ghosts appear in “The Christmas Carol”?
  1. The first dose of corona virus vaccine in Iowa was given to a nurse at what hospital?
  1. 4 AM tomorrow, what starts?
  1. The US is currently adding another million corona virus cases at what rate?
  1. What department store is featured in the movie “Miracle On 34th Street”?
  1. Last Monday was quite a day. Which cabinet member submitted a resignation late Monday afternoon to top off a big news day?
  1. We’re in Japan. So what delicacy will we probably be eating on Christmas Day?
  1. What newly elected senator from Alabama said he will challenge the Electoral College vote in the Senate on January 6th?
  1. Two products that are seeing strong sales in Iowa during the pandemic are alcohol and what?
  1. In Germany, a great Christmas tradition is hiding a what in the Christmas tree and having guests try to find it?
  1. An illegal winery operation in the town of Rainesville, Alabama was busted Thursday at what town locale?
  1. Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf said last week that the country’s response to the corona virus – what – had failed?
  1. Perhaps one of the most daring and successful sneak attacks was launched by George Washington on Christmas night of what year?
  1. What high administration official is planning a well timed foreign trip after the Electoral vote is counted on January 6th?
  1. How many Americans may face eviction when the federal moratorium on evictions ends Dec. 31?
  1. What major sports team announced it will change its nickname after next season?
  1. What company was the first company to use Santa Clause in commercials?
  1. He’s young and he is gay. What former presidential candidate has been nominated as Secretary of Transportation?

Extra) Any relationship between Russia’s months long cyber attack and Dear Leader’s massive personal debt load?


  1. A cyber attack apparently by Russia that has compromised a large by unknown number of the federal governments computers
  1. Schedule locations beyond the first week.
  1. 4 – don’t forget Marley
  1. The U of Iowa hospitals
  1. Winter!
  1. Every 4.5 days or @225,000/day
  1. Macy’s
  1. AG William Barr
  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken – but only if you put an order in months ago
  1. Tommy Tuberville. Heck, he might even apply to be the Electoral College football coach
  1. Lottery tickets – family values, folks
  1. A pickle
  1. The town’s waste water treatment plant. Been there for years.
  1. Herd immunity
  1. 1776
  1. VP Mike Pence. No doubt Dear Leader will expect Pence to fix the Electoral College vote in the senate. If he doesn’t Trump will be mad!
  1. 40 million
  1. The Cleveland Indians
  1. Coca Cola
  1. Pete Buttigieg

Extra) Worth looking into isn’t it?

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