And Now It Is Reality Vs. Fantasy

Here is a quick reminder of WWII rationing (4 minutes):

As we come to the end of the reign of King Donald, I just want to note that he has left the country severely divided. While people on on each side seem to have many similarities with their brethren, the fault line appears to be those who are believing more and more in fantasy interpretations of the world and those who believe in science and facts, who let the evidence lead them to decision.

This has been a split that has been growing every year since the days of Ronald Reagan – one could make an argument for Nixon – but the Trump years have really widened the gap with the whole corona virus pandemic fantasies becoming the line of greatest division.

While one side believes tales like “one day the virus will just go away” and “the virus is just a creation of the left” and “it is fake” – I could go on for paragraphs – the other side believes not only that the virus is real and very deadly, but we  do have some tools at our fingertips to help us through this pandemic. The tools at our fingertips include soap and water, alcohol, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and covering our mouths and noses with face masks when in public.

It is so hard to believe that Americans elected and continue to elect those who believe fantasies as cures and preventions to lead us. Such leadership, or maybe better said lack of leadership is getting a lot of Americans killed. We have lost over a quarter of a million with no end in sight. While some vaccines seem to hold great promise, they have done nothing yet.

At a quarter of a million in less than nine months we are killing our fellow citizens at an incredible pace. No segment of the population is exempt from death. We are killing those trained to save us in pandemics – health care workers – at an incredible pace. Health care workers are also terribly overworked right now.

The only way we can beat theses a full out effort that includes everyone. We are in the middle of a war with an inhuman adversary. Not giving it your all will cause others to die.

In World War II the whole country pitched in. We grew “victory gardens” and had ration books that limited our use of materials the armed forces needed such as gas, rubber tires, even fat that was used to make bullets. It was an all out effort from coast to coast and border to border.

If we had approached WWII the way we have approached the pandemic we wouldn’t have lasted a month. Besides Donald Trump is no FDR. For one thing, based on his actions in his four years, Trump’s first move would have been to surrender.

With the holidays coming do what you can to help the country survive the pandemic and bring us all closer to that day when the vaccine is being distributed and maybe even a treatment has been found.

Wash you hands, use sanitizer, don’t touch you face and most of all wear a mask over your mouth and nose when in public!

This is also a good time to assess fantasy from reality. Reality may be a bit harder, but rewards are better.

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