Trump Desperately Needs An Enemy 

Donald Trump is desperately seeking an enemy to do combat with between now and November 3rd. He needs to take on that evergreen political persona of warrior king to boost his chances at once again pulling off a theft of the highest office in the land. Doing that will keep his miserable butt out of jail for another 4 years which may be enough time to exhaust the statute of limitations for many of his crimes.

In Trump’s very confused mind – didn’t he just take the very easy cognitive test and pronounced it very hard? – what many of us would consider America’s real enemies such as North Korea, Russia, China, the coronavirus and fascism are embraced by this administration as apparent friends. China and the coronavirus seem to flip-flop between enemy and friend depending on the diversion needed.

Trump sees coronavirus as a friend? He must – look at all he has done to make sure it blossoms and grows. Pushing hard for reopening the economy way before it was feasible. Interfering with getting tests and PPE to medical personnel while lying at every turn on the progress of his ‘war’ on the virus. War? He surrendered long ago.

Rather than actually do real battle with a true enemy like the coronavirus Trump has taken his desire for a war to people and places that most of us would think of as friends. Places such as America’s own cities. He must have gotten the idea that cities were America’s enemy from Vladimir Putin. 

So Portland and Kansas City have already been invaded. Trump has already named other invasion sites such as Albuquerque, Chicago and New York City. Such actions are unconstitutional but that makes no difference. Republicans have already let it be known that they will let Trump do what he wants. Trump is using this little Ace-in-the-hole to his greatest advantage. We don’t even know what kind of troops are being used in the invasion since they have no identifications. Are they ICE officers? FBI? Some privatized army of Eric Prince’s? No one knows.

One thing we do know is that the federal troops are not there to keep peace, but to try to provoke a response from peaceful protestors. If protests then “turn” violent, the Federal troops, whoever they are, will have the sort of civil rebellion that Trump can suspend laws to put down. Putin would be proud.

Other enemies these days seem to be our own troops in Afghanistan. Trump found out well over 6 months ago that his buddy Putin was paying Afghanis a bounty for shooting American soldiers in Afghanistan. Trump’s reaction to this really disturbing news was to say nothing and let it continue. Why would any American do that? Especially the one person whose office is in charge of our military? 

“Leftists” get a mention as an enemy. Who is a leftist? As with most things Trump, this is also not really defined. From what we can glean it is pretty much anyone who will not vote for Trump. That means there are @ 300 million “leftists” in this country including one time right wingers such as George Will and former president George W. Bush.

According to Trump the most scurrilous of the “leftists” are those described as “anti-fa.” “Anti-fa” is short for anti-fascist. Fascists you may recall were the folks we fought in WWII as leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo tried to conquer the world and establish right wing dictatorships. Being anti-fascist was a good thing then and I believe still a good thing today. As I have mentioned many times before my late father-in-law was an anti-fascist. He was a member of a group called the US Army. He practiced his anti-fascism at Omaha Beach on June 6th, 1944.

Anti-fascism is not a physical group as Trump continues to assert. As in my FIL’s day though, I would like to think that the US Army still has anti-fascist traits. The Trump administration stand of being anti-anti-fascist translates into pro-fascists. This seems to be at odds with most of our philosophy of government and society. 

What other enemies have infiltrated our country according to the Trump group. Certainly the black populace. They were brought here against their will to serve as slaves and have had the impertinence to want to be treated as equal human beings. Such ideas must be dealt with.

One other group is immigrants, particularly people of color or non-Christian. That includes a huge amount of people with Latino surnames. In Iowa workers in meat packing plants are heavily Latino. A few months ago such workers were declared essential to keeping the country alive during the early days of the pandemic. But overall, the Trump administration continues battles to keep immigrants out and to try to run those that are here out of the country.

Trump’s hope is that by continual harassment of any and all of these groups there will be an incident that will allow him to show his power. That show of power will then be played up to the media and by the media. Using the media to show him as a powerful leader stopping an “enemy” will then boost his presidential chances.

And if that doesn’t work, there will be the great leadership he showed when, at the very height of the pandemic, he forced school children and teachers back into crowded classrooms. While most of America see classrooms as crowded Petri dishes where the coronavirus will spread like a wild fire in a tinder dry forest, Trump sees it as him being a great leader that Americans will follow.

Killing teachers and our kids does not seem like a good campaign strategy.   


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