Parts Of Iowa Have A Broadband Access Problem

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Iowa broadband data analysis from The Iowa Policy Project

“Overall, 21.2 percent of Iowa’s residents lack a broadband subscription, even with mobile access included, according to the most recent Bureau of the Census data (American Community Survey 2018, five-year averages).”

“37.2 percent of Davis County residents lack a broadband subscription, as do 36.5 percent of the population of neighboring Van Buren County. Statewide, 47.3 percent of Iowa residents with annual household incomes of $20,000 or less lack broadband subscriptions — nearly half. The map above shows that Dallas, Johnson, and Sioux counties have the highest broadband subscription rates in the state with over 85 percent of households having coverage, whereas less than 65 percent of the population has broadband in Davis and Van Buren counties.”

“The need for prompt and constant evaluation is highlighted by the COVID crisis, with so many services most easily accessed online, from unemployment insurance to education. Affordable internet access should be required when there is public investment in infrastructure.”

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