#BLM, Reparations And White Privilege

Photo: Trish Nelson

The success of  the Black Lives Matter movement is crucial to America’s survival.  President Abraham Lincoln believed that the Republic could not survive if slavery continued. Today, our country may not survive if we continue on our current path of racism and violence. As a nation we have to confront violent racism as it exists today.  As individuals, as white people, we  must look at ourselves.

In this segment Trevor Noah does a public service providing white people a way to think about the concept of privilege. There are white people who are poor or struggling and don’t necessarily feel privileged.  There are white people who are neither poor nor struggling who still don’t recognize their own privilege.  As always Trevor gets it and explains it in both a serious and funny way. His explanation is in response to a questioner who asked, “Shouldn’t other groups of people get reparation such as white people who became jobless because manufacturing jobs no longer exist?” 

Perhaps even asking the question reveals privilege. I heard someone ask the other day, why can’t we talk about all lives matter? Why does it have to be black lives matter?  This is a question of privilege.

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