Sunday Funday: Set Your Calendar To May Edition

Sometime while I was hiding inside from that nasty virus that Donny Corona seems to think was made in a lab in China by Obama using Kenyan witch doctor tricks that he learned in that non-existent state of Hawaii while he was a little boy who was also plotting how to destroy the tests for said virus when he was ready to release it on the world – {deep breath} my grass grew a bunch. 

In previous years I would be all flustered thinking that my neighbors would be looking at my long grass and thinking ‘well gee, what’s the matter with him?’ But this year I figure they aren’t going outside any more than I do right now so if they do notice it, they are probably ducking back inside before the virus nails them. And for some reason, having the grass cut is not my highest priority this year.

It is really something to see Donny Corona twisting himself into knots and knots and knots to try to prove that someone — anyone — is the cause of his lousy response to the pandemic. I am figuring my turn to get blamed will be coming later this month.

  1.   JBS, one of the biggest meat packers in the US is owned by people from what country?
  1. What country announced an immediate ban on assault style weapons, including an immediate ban on sales, Friday?
  1. Remdesivir is a drug that was reported to have some positive effects on those with corona virus. Who makes remdesivir?
  1. What state ordered their medical examiners to quit reporting number of coronavirus deaths?
  1. Iowa is seeing an explosion of Coronavirus cases on its border with what other state?
  1. What senior administration official called the administration’s response to the coronavirus a “success” as cases passed 1 million last week?
  1. The administration had earlier predicted that the country would suffer its 60,000th coronavirus death in what month? We passed that mark on Wednesday.
  1. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden went on what cable news show to explain his side of the Tara Reade accusations?
  1. Candidate Biden also announced a committee to help in the selection of what?
  1. April 30, 1789 – President George Washington is inaugurated in what then capital city?
  1. During a walk through at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. MN. what administration official was noticeably without a facial mask in the hospital?
  1. “I’ll buy you a piece of the moon” said George Bailey in “It’s A Wonderful Life.” A 30 pound meteorite from the moon is up for sale by Christie’s Auction House. About what is the asking price?
  1. When it comes to avoiding unsafe workplaces the Iowa legislature won’t take chances. They moved the reopening of their session back to what date?
  1. What island nation declared that they had ‘eliminated’ the corona virus in their country?
  1. In a surprise ruling, the SCOTUS ruled 8 to 1 that the government owed insurers $12 billion after the administration stopped payments to make up for high risk cases known as what?
  1. What two politicians said they were looking at third party presidential candidacies last week?
  1. What university announced that it may be able to get a Covid-19 vaccine available by September?
  1. Citizens of Belgium were asked to eat extra portions of what food so they would not have to be thrown out?
  1. What two Texas universities announced they would be open this fall AND will be ready to play football?
  1. What animal is being investigated to see if it can detect coronavirus?

Canadians are receiving $2000/month and their GDP per capita is about 2/3 of ours. So when you’re struggling to pay rent remember – it’s not that they couldn’t help us more, it’s that they chose not to. – Albert Lee


  1. Brazil 
  1. Canada. You may remember they had a bad incident in Nova Scotia a couple of weeks ago. Now they have done something bout it.
  1. Gilead
  1. Florida
  1. Nebraska – Between Woodbury County, Iowa and Dakota County, Nebraska they have over 1600 cases.
  1. Jared Kushner
  1. Middle of August
  1. Morning Joe. Hey, Morning Joe when are you having Donny Corona on to explain his 20+ accusations?
  1. His vice-presidential selection.
  1. New York City
  1. VP Mike Pence
  1. $2.5 million
  1. May 15th
  1. New Zealand. They have not fully reopened though. Caution first.
  1. The “risk corridor”
  1. Justin Amash of Michigan and Jessie Ventura of Minnesota
  1. Oxford University in England
  1. French fires.
  1. Texas A&M and Texas Tech.
  1. Who else but our great friends the dog?

At our country’s current death rate from coronavirus we will pass 120,000 by Memorial Day, maybe 250,000 by July 4th. Reopening the country now will be pouring gasoline on a bonfire.

Remember when Anthony Fauci said shutting down 2 weeks earlier could have saved 90% of our deaths? Think about that as the death toll rises.

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