All Hands On Deck: What Caucus Night In Johnson County Will Be Like

Here’s a note from John Deeth, caucus organizer, JC Dems

As you all know caucus season is fast approaching. The Johnson County Democrats and Republicans have been working together for several months to schedule locations, and we are moving on to the last stages of planning for February 3rd.

(Disclaimer: Most of you know I work in the auditor’s office. The caucuses are a party meeting, not an election, and the auditor doesn’t run them. I just so happen to be volunteering my own time on this. It’s pretty much just like work except instead of getting paid, I burn my vacation days.)

Because Democrats in Johnson County are serious about doing their civic duty, we expect extremely high attendance in our county, the highest per capita in the state. That means a lot of enthusiasm, plus long lines, crowded rooms, and overflowing parking lots.

We would appreciate help in getting the word out and setting public expectation for what caucus night in Johnson County will be like, and we hope to promote this during December.

We also want to promote early voter registration. People CAN change address and party on caucus night, but the process will go faster if they update their registration before the end of the calendar year. After that point, both parties will print their caucus night lists, and anyone re-registering during January is going to be asked to re-register again at the caucus. This will slow up the line.

I am available to discuss this and any other caucus issues, and so is our chair Ed Cranston.  Additional contact info is available on request. Thanks and we hope to talk soon.

John Deeth, caucus organizer, Johnson County Democrats

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  1. C.A. says:

    John Deeth, I salute you. Thank you for your hard work. May all your caucus sites have enough room for the crowds and plenty of chairs. May the same be miraculously true for caucus sites all across Iowa.


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