Sunday Funday: Big Tent Edition

The Democratic Party always amazes me. We take in most everyone. This week we learned that billionaire Republican Michael Bloomberg will be filing in Alabama to run for president as a Democrat. I must be missing something here. 

In other news concerning sleeping with the enemy, The Chosen One has said he is considering an invitation from Putin to attend Russia’s May Day Parade in Moscow. Maybe the Chosen One can get a special shirt for May Day in Moscow:

i'd rather be a russian

Impeachment news keeps roaring along at a pace that few can keep up with. 

  1. “A Warning” is a book on the current administration that will be on sale Nov. 19th. Who is the author? 
  1. The Chosen One had a campaign rally in Atlanta Friday highlighting what group of Americans?
  1. What company, perhaps the highest valued company ever, announced that it would become a publicly traded company last Sunday?
  1. 30 years ago yesterday, what happened that should prove that walls between nations will never stand for very long?
  1. Last Tuesday Iowans voted. What was significant about this year’s elections in Iowa?
  1. The Roger Stone trial has finally begun. In an unusual move the judge in the case ordered jurors not to watch what movie during their off hours Thursday?
  1. What day do the public impeachment inquiry hearings begin next week?
  1. In the continuing downward spiral of a once great company, what retailer announced they will close another 96 stores before February?
  1. Which member of the Chosen One’s family illegally released the supposed name of the whistle blower?
  1. 11,000 scientists from 153 nations warned the world of “untold suffering” due to what cause last week?
  1. The Chosen One’s “beautiful wall” was breached last week using tools purchased from local hardware stores for about how much money?
  1. In Dresden, Germany the city council passed a bill named “Nazinotstand” which is meant to deal with an emergency they see in the rise of what in their city?
  1. A wrestling referee warned what current Ohio congressman and former Ohio State wrestling coach that the team doctor was committing sexual misconduct?
  1. In odd news, a Chicago man built his own version of what famous movie car, complete with a Boeing jet engine in the rear?
  1. Tuesday Juli Briskman was elected to her county board of supervisors. Prior to this, what action made Briskman famous a couple of years ago and caused her to lose her job?
  1. Paula White was need last week to the White House office of Public Liaison. What relationship does Ms. White have to the Chosen One?
  1. His once debilitating problem that kept him from serving in Viet Nam apparently healed, who will be leading New York’s Veteran’s Day parade tomorrow?
  1. CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired by what food chain after he had a consensual relationship with an employee?
  1. What state commuted the sentences of over 500 inmates in an effort to reduce incarceration rates?
  1. The senate passed legislation that would make what a federal crime?


  1. “Anonymous”
  1. Black Americans. Black Americans for Trump specifically
  1. Saudi Aramco
  1. The Berlin Wall came down
  1. It was the first election that combined school board and city elections
  1. ‘Godfather’
  1. Wednesday
  1. Sears/ Kmart
  1. Donny, Jr.
  1. Climate change
  1. $100
  1. Right wing fanaticism
  1. Jim Jordon – he ignored the warnings
  1. The bat mobile
  1. Briskman fingered a presidential motorcade as it passed her on her bike
  1. She is the Chosen One’s pastor
  1. The Chosen One. Thus after he moved out of NYC, too.
  1. McDonald’s
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Certain animal abuse.

Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of deliberately losing election so he could be impeached. – Andy Borowitz

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  1. C.A. says:

    Thank you for including climate change in each week’s quiz. I can’t imagine what it must be like for the scientists around the world who do research on climate change full-time and have to think about it constantly.


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