Yang: The Kids Are Not Alright

Photo: Yang 2020 campaign website

As near as I can tell, few Iowa politicos are taking the Yang gang seriously even though the campaign raised ten million dollars the last quarter and seems to be gaining strength.  For my money, Andrew Yang gave the most interesting and compelling speech at the Liberty and Justice celebration in Des Moines Saturday night.

Yang is mostly known as the guy who supports a universal basic income, aka the Freedom Dividend and has been giving $1,000 a month to families around the country, but there is a method to his madness and that method is Math. A self-described numbers guy, he offers this view on why our state voted for Trump:

I’m a numbers guy and the reason why Donald Trump is president –  the reason he won your state by 8 points – is that we blasted away 40,000 manufacturing jobs right here in Iowa and you saw all of those towns go from blue to red as it happened. And that did not just happen here in Iowa. We did it in Michigan, Ohio,  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri – all of the swing states that Trump needed to win…

How many of you have seen stores close where you work and live here in this state? And why are those stores closing?  One word answer: Amazon. Amazon is soaking up 20 billion dollars in business every year causing 30% of your stores and malls to close. How much did Amazon pay in federal taxes last year?  zero…  The most common job in your state is retail. A 39 year old woman making between 9 and 10 dollars an hour. When her store closes what is her next move going to be? I’m a numbers guy but you don’t need the numbers. Just look around your communities…

Acknowledging Iowa as one of the last places where Democracy works as it was intended, he offers a unique message to us about our value as Iowans and our responsibility in this election to turn the tide.

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