Sunday Funday Quiz Halloween Edition

Sunday Funday: Halloween Edition – by Dave Bradley

Hey, hey, hey, kiddies! Halloween is this week. Oh how I love Halloween. All the ghosties and ghoulies and princesses and monsters! And that’s just what I wear when I go out trick or treating! There is just a feeling in the air that is so special. Here is a little sample of what you might see Thursday:

  1. The Chosen One described those among us who are “never Trumpers” as what last week?
  1. Without mentioning any names, Hillary Clinton seemed to suggest what current Democratic presidential candidate was ‘being groomed by Russia to run as a third party candidate’?
  1. The Chosen One is “in the Hospitality business” stated what soon to be former member of the administration trying to justify the choice of Trump’s Doral National for the G7 conference next year?
  1. Tuesday will be the 90th anniversary of “Black Friday” so called because of what event?
  1. Last weekend Congress member Abby Finkenauer got engaged to Daniel Wasta. Wasta’s current job is managing what presidential contender’s campaign in Iowa?
  1. We are leaving Syria or maybe not? The US is leaving troops in Syria to protect what?
  1. We aren’t the only country that has important elections. Who got the most seats in Monday’s election in Canada?
  1. In a strange defense in court Wednesday, The Chosen One’s attorney claimed his client would be immune from prosecution even if he did what?
  1. During a cabinet meeting the Chosen One called what part of the constitution “phony”?
  1. More strange developments Thursday when the NYT broke the story that the DOJ would investigate the investigators who worked on what investigation?
  1. Breaking all sorts of laws a large group of Republican congressmen held a protest in what secretive area of the capitol?
  1. Happy 100th Anniversary Tuesday to what short lived constitutional amendment that tried to mandate national sobriety?
  1. Trial for what oil company began in NYC Tuesday that charged the company with defrauding investors on the cost carbon emissions?
  1. An MLB umpire drew attention from the World Series when he posted  a tweet that threatened what if the Chosen One is impeached?
  1. Speaking of the World Series what Houston native stole the show while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch?
  1. In yet another class move, the Chosen One was accused of using the old ‘scratch my forehead’ move to finger what pioneering American?
  1. Ambassador Bill Taylor testified to Congress Tuesday. Taylor is Ambassador to what country?
  1. Once again republicans in the senate blocked two bills meant to deal with what increasingly important coming issue?
  1. In an effort to protect itself from future US sanctions, Russia’s Rosneft, an oil producer, switched to what currency from dollars for export contracts?
  1. Who is Pierre Delecto?

Walls Of Congress Dissolve Into Endless Blue Void As Zuckerberg Informs Lawmakers There No Way To Escape Facebook.- The Onion


  1. Human scum – I feel honored
  1. Tulsi Gabbard
  1. (Soon to be former) Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
  1. Stock Market crash leading to the Great Depression
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Oil fields
  1. Trudeau’s Liberal Party
  1. Shot somebody on 5th Avenue
  1. The emoluments clause. Hard to be “phony” when it is written right in the constitution.
  1. The Russian election subversion
  1. The SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) 
  1. Prohibition
  1. Exxon Mobile
  1. He’d purchase an AR-15 to go to war for his president
  1. World class gymnast Simone Biles
  1. Astronaut Jessica Meir after she corrected a statement from the Chosen One.
  1. Ukraine
  1. Election security.
  1. Euros
  1. A twitter name for Mitt Romney


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