Sunday Funday: Finally Fall Edition

This weekend is the kind of weekend that we literally wait all year for. It is right on the line between warm and cool. It is a bit cloudy with peeks of sunshine – maybe a little rain. A person feels alive outdoors, but also looks to nest in the warmth inside. The sun sets early enough to allow for some wind down time in the dark.

Of course most of all the fall colors are back for their annual show. We only get to experience this once a year, so we want to make the most of it. After a summer of pretty lush green, the reds, oranges. yellows and purples really delight our eyes and our minds. Often our thoughts are propelled to a time when we were young and a pile of leaves was the greatest toy in the world.

The day ends with a warm meal and some comfy pajamas and a great nights sleep in cool room under warm blankets dreaming about the fun to come tomorrow.

Back to reality – here is a video by Republicans for the rule of law taking a violator of the constitution to task (1 minute). This is an ad that will air on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning:

Speaking of orange, another week in the orange hell of The Chosen One.

  1. The Chosen One called who a “Third rate politician?”
  1. What administration official admitted during a press conference that the Chosen One did use quid pro quo in his dealings with Ukraine?
  1. Busses set to transport supporters of the administration to a rally in DC never showed up because the supporters failed to do what?
  1. A controversy involving unintended fundraiser Carson King is threatening to possibly cause damage to what iconic Iowa summertime event next year?  
  1. “I earned my spurs in battle, he got his bone spurs in a letter from a doctor” quipped what former Secretary of Defense about the Chosen One? 
  1. What was unusual about the mix of people in the picture released of Speaker Pelosi’s confrontation with the Chosen One Wednesday?
  1. October 20,1973 several members of the Justice Department who were working on the Watergate investigation were fired or quit in what became known as what?
  1. In Tasmania recent sightings have been recorded of what marsupial carnivore thought to be extinct since 1936?
  1. True herstory happened Friday when Christina Koch and Jessica Meir did what together?
  1. Last week Simone Biles set what world record for gymnasts, male or female?
  1. Last night in London, Parliament was expected to have an extremely close vote on what vital issue?
  1. Among the many bad things that have happened since The Chosen One announced the withdrawal of troops from Syria is the escape of members of what terrorist group?
  1. Parents of a young man killed by the wife of a US diplomat in England (who then fled the UK) were horrified when a surprise meeting was arranged between the parents and the diplomat’s wife by who?
  1. Iowa’s congressional delegation and the Iowa biofuels industry were outraged last week by new what new EPA guidelines?
  1. In the first full month (September) of sports betting in Iowa, how much was wagered at Iowa casinos? Note- online and in person
  1. October 22, 1962. The country was tense as President Kennedy addressed the nation concerning the placement of what in Cuba?
  1. The United Auto Workers (UAW) came to an agreement to settle a month long strike against what auto maker?
  1. A teachers strike began in what large school district Friday?
  1. Huge national election tomorrow in what major western country?
  1. The Chosen One’s golf club in Miami – the Doral National – was surprisingly picked to host what international meeting next year?

“Most people who are hating on you, they are not worried about where you are. They’re worried about where you’re going.” – Elijah Cummings


  1. Speaker Pelosi
  1. “Acting” Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney
  1. Pay for the busses. The supporters claim it is a conspiracy to stop them from supporting The Chosen One.
  1. RAGBRAI – here is the story 
  1. Former Secretary of Defense Mattis
  1. Pelosi was the only one who was not a white male
  1. The Saturday Night Massacre
  1. The Tasmanian tiger
  1. They performed the first all female space walk ever Friday
  1. She has won the most world medals in gymnastics competition, 25
  1. Brexit
  1. ISIS
  1. The Chosen One – the meeting did not take place as the parents left just horrified.
  1. The blending guidelines. This is another crisis that the administration has created.
  1. $38 million
  1. Russian Missiles
  1. GM
  1. Chicago
  1. Canada
  1. The G7 meeting. The Chosen One made the choice. We get to pay him for it out of our taxes.

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