UI Student Activists Confront President Harreld On Coal Power Plant

Students chant “no more excuses!” on coal, demanding action from U of I president Bruce Harreld on ending the coal plant’s contributions to carbon-dioxide emissions.  Check out more videos on Blog for Iowa’s YouTube channel. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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2 Responses to UI Student Activists Confront President Harreld On Coal Power Plant

  1. C.A. says:

    It interests me that a blue college town like Iowa City is willing to let the Iowa Farm Bureau basically take over their football stadium for their Big Industrial Ag rally (“America Needs Farmers”) once a year. The next ANF day is coming up on Saturday. On the other hand, research shows that college football fans skew Republican, so when it comes to football, maybe it doesn’t matter that Iowa City is blue.

    One thing is for sure — Iowa agriculture could and should be doing far, far more to reduce climate change. Cover crops alone would make a ginormous difference. The Iowa Farm Bureau, which has been stalling and stopping farm conservation progress for decades, deserves climate chants and protest yells from students just as much as Bruce Herreld does.


  2. C.A. says:

    I am fascinated to see that today in the GAZETTE, there is finally a story about the dubious alliance between the Iowa Farm Bureau (IFB) and U of I football, via the “America Needs Farmers” game on Saturday. Also today, there was a story on the IFB website about the various ways in which the IFB will use that America Needs Farmers football game to basically spread their political messages, one being that Iowa farmers are doing a wonderful job of taking care of soil and water (and if you believe that, I have this marvelous bridge for sale). Another message is that CAFO regulation is bad.

    Is that what you want your football games used for, U of I? To reinforce what some of us already know, which is that the Iowa Farm Bureau runs this state? To some of us Iowa taxpayers, U of I helping the Iowa Farm Bureau spread their messages does Not. Look. Good.


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