Sunday Funday: Greta Thunberg Comes To Iowa City Edition

Iowa City had the great honor of hosting Greta Thunberg Friday. For those who are unaware of who Thunberg is, she is a quiet, Swedish teenager who has taken on the task of saving the world from climate change. It may seem a hefty task, but so far Thunberg has shown herself up to it. She could use a little help, though, from each and every one of us.

Your task for this fall: Do a self-assessment and find ways to cut down your carbon footprint.

WE and only WE can save our planet. There is no ‘Planet B.’

When the Chosen One admits to crimes let’s believe him. When he goes to do int again, let’s stop him!

  1. Crazy weather abounded in the US. Four feet of snow fell in what state last Monday?
  1. Heat, heat, heat in the eastern US including over 100 degrees in what capital city of Alabama?
  1. The Chosen One doubled down on his call for foreign help for his 2020 campaign. This time what country did he call on to investigate former VP Joe Biden?
  1. Republican Christopher Collins of New York resigned his congressional seat after pleading guilty to what federal charge last week?
  1. The Republican National Committee used forms that closely resembled what official government document to solicit money?
  1. The schism at Fox News goes on as what judicial analyst argued that the the Chosen One committed impeachable offenses?
  1. Rumors are rife that what member of the cabinet will be leaving in November as he appears to be caught up in the Ukraine scandal?
  1. Shades of congressional races of the past! What Ottumwa eye doctor will make run #4 for Iowa’s 2nd district seat?
  1. What former Republican senator is urging his party to “save your souls” and oppose the Chosen One in 2020?
  1. What visiting head of government was caught in the middle of a melt down by the Chosen One as he went after the media during a joint news conference?
  1. What Iowa Speaker of the House announced her retirement at the end of the next session of the legislature?
  1. What top tier Democratic presidential candidate had to take a few days off due to blockages in his arteries?
  1. What drug manufacturer reached a $20 million settlement with 2 counties in Ohio for their part in the opioid epidemic?
  1. Which cabinet secretary denied any knowledge of the call with Ukraine several times before finally admitting that he was also on the call?
  1. The WTO authorized the US to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion of goods from what area?
  1. What top tier Democratic candidate was chased through the Reno, Nv. airport by followers of the Chosen One?
  1. Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of what charge in her shooting of her neighbor Botham Jean?
  1. How many Democratic presidential candidates will be on the stage for the October 15th debate?
  1. Perhaps the strangest product in the annual “what can we put pumpkin spice in” contest this year is what well known pork shoulder product made by Hormel?
  1. What mall staple fashion chain filed for bankruptcy protection, saying it will close up to 178 stores?

In the time it took me to cross the street, the president* asked two foreign countries to help him ratfck the 2020 election.

That’s some impressive crimin’ right there. – Charles P. Pierce


  1. Montana
  1. Montgomery. Unlike the Chosen One’s hurricane, this was real
  1. China – China said “no”
  1. Insider trading
  1. Census documents
  1. Andrew Napolitano
  1. Rick Perry
  1. Marianette Miller-Meeks
  1. Jeff Flake of Arizona
  1. Finland’s president Sauli Niinistö
  1. Linda Upmeyer
  1. Bernie Sanders
  1. Johnson and Johnson
  1. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
  1. Europe.
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Murder
  1. 12
  1. Spam
  1. Forever 21
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  1. Jim R says:

    Our latest step was to turn on our newly installed solar array. Greta was Great!


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