Sunday Funday: Going To The Mailbox Edition


Don’t you just love the Iowa caucus season? Going to the mailbox can be an adventure sometimes every 4 years. Just yesterday I went to my mailbox and pulled out the latest letter from the – WTF – Republican National Committee! What the hey? 

Seems I have been getting mailings from the RNC for about the past 6 months. Oh, and mailings from the NRA also that includes my temporary membership card. A friend says he is getting the mailings also. He thinks it is because we dared go to a Grassley town hall last year.

My normal response is to put such trash back for the fireplace for the winter, figuring if I do not respond they will get the message. But they don’t. So yesterday I got one from the RNC reminding me that I had answered their last survey. So they sent me another. And I dutifully filled it out as I should have before. Often my answer for a question was not among the choices, so I wrote it in. 

And I did include a donation of $.01 American so they would not think I wasn’t appreciative of their efforts.

By the time you read this we may know if the Chosen One tried to extort the Ukraine. How silly of me, of course he did.

  1. Tensions rose in the Middle East as the US – with little evidence – blamed what country for an attack on a Saudi oil refinery?
  1. What country said that there was no evidence for the US claims about the Saudi attack?
  1. The first auto strike in a long time is taking place as workers walked off the job at what Detroit auto maker?
  1. Once again charges of bribery and extortion are swirling around what major US government official?
  1. Perhaps one of the most remembered speech in US politics, what VP candidate went on national TV to dispute claims of financial finagling ending with a story of his children’s cocker spaniel took place on Sept. 23, 1952?
  1. Corey Lewandowski mocked his way through a hearing before what US House committee?
  1. No you haven’t missed it! What season starts tomorrow morning at 02:50 AM CDT?
  1. A drone strike in Afghanistan killed 30 workers who were resting during a day harvesting what food staple? 
  1. Once again the Chosen One revealed secrets inadvertently(?) while discussing what along the US-Mexico border?
  1. Robert C. O’Brien may be a name you won’t need to remember, since he is taking over what position that changes heads frequently? 
  1. What North American politician has recently been embarrassed by revelations that he dressed in blackface and brown face for parties in the early 2000s?
  1. What gun manufacturer has called a temporary halt to manufacturing AR15 assault weapons?
  1. The Manhattan DA subpoenaed how many years of The Chosen One’s state tax records?
  1. A pizza waitress in McAlister, Oklahoma was arrested last week when she told another waitress she wanted to do what?
  1. The tale of the whistle blower in the administration kept getting more intriguing by the day. What cabinet officer has blocked the whistle blower from turning evidence over to congress as the law states?
  1. What country had to hold a second round of elections last week since no party could form a ruling majority after the first election?
  1. What pronoun has a new added definition that means “a single non-binary person”?
  1. The Chosen One will use his executive power to bar California from setting its own what? (Hint: think cars)
  1. Reporter Cokie Roberts died last week. She was the daughter of what former Democratic House Majority leader in the 1960s and early 1970s?
  1. Which country outlawed vaping altogether?

Transportation secretary & wife of #MoscowMitch is being investigated for ethics violations. I always wondered what attracted him to her, now I know! – Bette Midler


  1. Iran
  1. Japan
  1. GM
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Nixon – this was the famous “Checkers” speech
  1. Judiciary
  1. Autumn
  1. Pine nuts
  1. The border fence
  1. NSA
  1. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau
  1. Colt – not because of the harm they do, but Colt feels the market is currently saturated
  1. 8
  1. Kill about 400 people for fun with her new AR15
  1. Attorney General William Barr
  1. Israel 
  1. They
  1. Fuel economy standards
  1. Hale Boggs of Louisiana
  1. India

After watching Pompeo destroy the State Dept, Barr weaponize the DOJ and Trump defile the presidency, it’s a naive notion to believe these scoundrels will ever allow themselves to be voted out of power.

We must use every Constitutional weapon to fight this evil. – Tea Pain

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