Sunday Funday: Weatherman Edition


unsung hero or wicked villain?

“Just because you slept with someone named Stormy, it does not make you a weatherman.” Spoken by Joy Behar on the “View” Thursday. This was in response to the Chosen One’s recent adventure where he altered weather maps to  back up a lie he told concerning the path of Hurricane Dorian.

Think about how the Chosen One has over and over again taken insane actions to cover his lies and bad choices. Ask Iowa farmers how that is working out for them. He is now literally illegally stealing money appropriated for other purposes by Congress to build an unneeded wall on our Southern border. Will he be dropping bombs on Iran or Venezuela following some lie? Do you want to bet your kids’ lives on the Chosen One’s mental stability?

Anymore weeks seem like months.

  1. CNN circumvented DNC media rules and held a town hall for Democratic presidential candidates on what subject Wednesday?
  1. What brand of marker got tons of free publicity last week due to the presidential misadventure described in this week’s intro above?
  1. The Chosen One started the week by congratulating Poland on the 80th anniversary of what infamous event?
  1. VP Mike Pence had a disastrous trip to Europe last week. Where did Pence stay while visiting Ireland that caused Irish to spend much extra money for security and transport?
  1. Pence’s press secretary noted that Pence dined with Irish leader Lea Varadkar and his partner thus proving Pence is not bigoted toward what?
  1. In his opening address to the Irish, Pence declared the US to be 100% behind what policy that is giving the Irish great trouble right now?
  1. Iowa Governor Reynolds has hired a new director of the DHS from Texas, despite the fact that Texas is also having huge problems with what program that Iowa is also having trouble with?
  1. In economic news, for the first time in 3 years, what happened to US manufacturing in August?
  1. In 2012, the Chosen One chastised President Obama for monthly hiring that was less than 300,000. The Labor Department reported how many hirings last month?
  1. Walmart and Kroger issued requesting people in open carry states to please refrain from doing what in their stores?
  1. We aren’t the only country being led by a crazy blonde right now. In Britain, unelected PM Boris Johnson lost a huge vote on what issue?
  1. Johnson’s defeat was caused by “rebels” from his own party whom Johnson then threw out of the party. Two were especially significant. What close relative of Johnson’s quit the party over this vote?
  1. Sir Nicholas Soames was among those expelled by Boris Johnson. Soames is the grandson of what hero of Boris Johnson’s?
  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is getting unsolicited push and contributions to run for governor of what state?
  1. September 2, 1945 President Truman officially accepted surrender from what WWII foe?
  1. September 3, 1783 the Treaty of Paris was signed ended what war?
  1. What Sandy Hook denier and owner of the Infowars website was ordered “pay all costs” as an appeal in a defamation lawsuit filed by the denier was rejected?
  1. Good guy with a gun? A man in Houston, Texas pulled a gun on employees of what restaurant chain demanding a currently buzzed about chicken sandwich?
  1. Hong Kong’s leader, Carrie Lam has formally withdrawn a bill dealing with what that has caused weeks of huge protest in Hong Kong?
  1. San Francisco’s city council branded what well known group as a “domestic terrorist organization?”
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  1. Climate Change
  1. Sharpie
  1. Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany. Congratulations?
  1. Trump’s golf course and hotel on Doonbeg, 180 miles from the capital in Dublin
  1. Gay people. Varadkar is gay. One dinner does not prove anything
  1. Brexit. A hard Brexit will cause the Irish big problems on their border with Northern Ireland.
  1. Privatized Medicaid
  1. It contracted adding to concerns about a coming recession.
  1. 130,000
  1. Openly carrying guns.
  1. Brexit
  1. Boris’ brother Jo quit the party and stepped down as a cabinet minister.
  1. Winston Churchill. Historical note: Churchill left the Tories before he died.
  1. Arkansas – the next gubernatorial election is in 2022
  1. Japan
  1. The American Revolutionary War
  1. Alex Jones. 
  1. Popeye’s
  1. Extradition to China
  1. The NRA

Americans Envious That Tiffany Trump Never Hears From Dad. – Andy Borowitz

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