Sunday Funday: Back In School Edition

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Father takes his 7 year old daughter to work on ‘take your daughter to work day.’ Dad took her around and introduced her to his co-workers. As they went through this exercise, Dad could see her face get more and more sad. Finally the father asked his daughter if there was a problem. The daughter looked at him and said very loudly “Dad, where are all the clowns you said you worked with?”

Seems like she may need to head back to school for a bit more seasoning.

Well, sometimes elected officials say tings they shouldn’t also. Let’s see if some did last week.

  1. What top White House advisor appeared to be ‘over medicated’ during a Fox interview about a possible recession Sunday?
  1. Senator Ernst has been greeted by crowds that are upset with her position on what hot button issue?
  1. Good weather, new foods and the political soapbox helped what Iowa event to a record attendance this year?
  1. Did he take it with him? What major donor to right wing causes died Friday?
  1. What which seemed like a joke the Onion would make blew up into an international incident within a couple of days?
  1. Three of the large number of Democratic candidates dropped out this week. Which one dropped to run for senator in his home state?
  1. Which Democratic presidential candidate dropped to make another run as governor of his state?
  1. Finally which candidate made a statement warning the Democratic Party about going too far left?
  1. Though she seldom showed up for her old job, which former White House spokes liar was hired by Fox News as a contributor?
  1. Yet what other former White House spokes liar announced he would take a swing as a dancer on ‘Dancing With The Stars’?
  1. Whoa it looks like Dear Leader may have another primary opponent. What former member of congress from Illinois is talking about running?
  1. What “newspaper” of the Chinese religious group Falun Gong has been banned from advertising on facebook because of their deceptive practices?
  1. Ellen Weintraub, chair of what federal commission challenged Dear Leader to produce proof of his claims of voter fraud saying Dear Leader’s claims are “damaging democracy”?
  1. Four hundred years ago, August 1619, marked the beginning of what practice in the Americas known as “America’s Original Sin”?
  1. Due to a new rule by the administration that restricts what health providers can say about abortion, what major health care provider withdrew from Title X funding?
  1. Debts don’t matter? When will the annual deficit hit $1 Trillion according to the CBO?
  1. Daniel Pantaleo was finally fired by the NYC police department for his role in the death of Eric Garland. Garland was involved in what illegal activity when Pantaleo killed him with an illegal choke hold?
  1. Massive forest fires are taking place in what area that is known as the “world’s lungs”?
  1. What world leader declared this week that he is “the Chosen One” and the “second coming of God” while declaring that “Jews who vote for Democrats are disloyal”?
  1. A high school basketball jersey worn by what world figure as a youth sold for $120,000 at auction?

Someday, thanks to Donald Trump, Benedict Arnold will no longer be the name most synonymous with treason. – Middle Age Riot tweet


  1. White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow
  1. Gun control
  1. The Iowa State Fair
  1. David Koch
  1. The suggestion by Dear Leader that US buy Greenland from Denmark
  1. John Hickenlooper of Colorado
  1. Jay Inslee of Washington
  1. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts
  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
  1. Criminally this guy is so forgettable I can’t remember his name. Sean Spicer.
  1. Old deadbeat Dd, Joe Walsh
  1. Epoch Times – they spend more on ads for Dear Leader than any other candidates spend on themselves on facebook.
  1. Federal Election Commission
  1. Slavery
  1. Planned Parenthood
  1. 2020. Remember that Pres. Obama took the trillion dollar deficit left by Bush to below $400 Billion
  1. Selling individual cigarettes that weren’t taxed by the state of New York.
  1. The Amazon rain forest
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Barack Obama
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