Sunday Funday: Who’s The Worst Edition

Seems to be a little skirmish in the lower levels of the Trumpublican Party to see who is the worst of the lower level talent in the Party this past week.

Our first contestant is the perennial challenger Steve King. Mr. King’s entry is called “Rape and incest saved humanity.”

The second contestant is Gov. Kim Reynolds with her entry “Iowa is a great place for Christians.” The story can be found at bleedingheartland with a pic of tshirts that Reyolds finds apparently pretty awesome.

Finally we have that awesome twosome Huckabee and Santorum. The Huckster and the Sant are leading Americans on a tour to America’s future – Russia! And it sounds like they are fleecing the sheep well for the adventure.

We will be voting on the latest Diebold electronic ballot marking system this afternoon. Thanks to programming on these machines, we don’t have to wait until the votes are cast to know the winner. It is Steve King once again, with Joni Ernst coming in second. Wait!!! Ernst wasn’t even on the ballot! Oh those silly electronic voting systems. Good thing they don’t do that in REAL elections.

Can it get worse? Don’t ask.

  1. The stock market endured a rugged week as indicators seemed to predict what is becoming more likely?
  1. “Not for sale!” Said the government of what island when Dear Leader expressed interest in buying it?
  1. Double double on the horse followed by  triple double in the floor exercises. Who did these incredible gymnastic feats in competition last week?
  1. The autopsy for Jeffery Epstein showed evidence that he may have been killed by what rather than hanging?
  1. What internationally known climate activist traveling to the US on a solar powered boat called a possible meeting with Dear Leader a “waste of time”?
  1. 50 years ago today, what legendary rock festival was coming to an end?
  1. According to Ken Cuccinelli the “huddled masses” referred to in the poem on the Statue of Liberty was referring to immigrants from where?
  1. The poem on the Statue of Liberty is titled “The New Colossus.” Who wrote this poem? (You were supposed to learn this in grade school)
  1. This week’s whole immigrant controversy began when the administration amended immigration to those who could do what?
  1. Chinese army troops were massing near the border of what territory as protest in that territory continued?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate ended his campaign and is looking into running for senator in his home state?
  1. In Georgia, a federal judge ordered the state to use what means of voting in the 2020 primary and general elections?
  1. Tennessee lawmakers are considering a banning access to abortion once a woman knows what?
  1. Dear Leader claimed credit for a plant being built in Pennsylvania. The plans to build the plant were actually announced in what year?
  1. Long court battles are expected after the administration announced major changes to what bedrock conservation law passed during the Nixon administration?
  1. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said she doesn’t have enough data to refute claims that what cause health problems?
  1. What city declared a problem with lead in their water and has gone to distributing bottled water?
  1. What CNN anchor got into a heated exchange with a man who called him “Fredo”?
  1. The mayor of San Jose, California has proposed an ordinance that would require gun owners to do what?
  1. Israel announced it would not allow what two American congress women to visit after Dear Leader requested that Israel stop them?

Hey white people who are angry about immigration… just a heads up: there are not enough white folks to keep the economy afloat and support your social security into old age. So you better welcome immigrants who do work you won’t…or else prepare to eat cat food. – Tim Wise tweet


  1. A recession 
  1. Greenland
  1. Simone Biles
  1. Suffocation. Broken bones in his neck indicated this.
  1. 16 year old Greta Thunberg of Sweden.
  1. Woodstock
  1. Europe. White immigrants
  1. Emma Lazarus
  1. “Stand on their own two feet” or in no way take any government help.
  1. Hong Kong
  1. John Hickenlooper of Colorado
  1. Hand marked paper ballots
  1. That she is pregnant. The illogical loop is amazing
  1. 2012 the Obama was in his first term.
  1. The endangered species act
  1. wind turbines
  1. Newark, NJ
  1. Chris Cuomo
  1. Buy gun liability insurance
  1. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

Epstein’s suicide note will be released as soon as Barr finishes writing it. – Julie Ford tweet

licensing guns like cars

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