JD Scholten v Steve King: Is Iowa’s Fourth District More Progressive Than We Think?

J.D. Scholten has received the endorsement of Democracy for America.  DFA has 14,944 members in Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District, 30,276 in the state of Iowa, and more than one million members nationwide.  It is somewhat surprising that half of DFA’s Iowa membership is in the conservative fourth district. Maybe Iowa’s fourth has more potential for a progressive candidate than conventional wisdom assumes.

J.D. carries forward Howard Dean’s “people-powered campaign” theme.

“Our campaign is proud to earn Democracy for America’s endorsement, a critical step forward in our people-powered campaign to deliver real, positive change for Iowa’s 4th district. By coming together, as Iowans and Americans first, we can build a government and an economy that works for all people — not just those at the top.” — J.D. Scholten

Here we go, folks. This could be interesting.

“Change requires perseverance.”  – Howard Dean


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1 Response to JD Scholten v Steve King: Is Iowa’s Fourth District More Progressive Than We Think?

  1. C.A. says:

    It’s time to hope and pray that Steve King will get the Republican nomination. I don’t understand why some Democrats are hoping he won’t. It’s very clear, from the big donations Randy Feenstra is getting from prominent Republicans, that those Republicans know full well that King would be a weaker candidate in the general election. They wish King would drop out of the race. And they know that Feenstra, in terms of issues and voting, would be just as right-wing as King, but without the embarrassing baggage.

    The Democrats I know who hope King will get the nomination do not like King. At all. In any way. We just want Scholten to have a better chance of winning.


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