Ernst Ignores Moms Against the Camps

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From by Gabe Ortiz:

U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst initially refused to speak with more than 50 concerned Iowa mothers who converged on her Des Moines office this week to call on her to do something about the Trump administration’s inhumane treatment of migrant children in border facilities and prison camps across the U.S.

Ernst at first tossed the Moms Against the Camps activists to Corey Becker, an immigration policy staffer that activists found out once worked for noted white supremacist Rep. Steve King. When activists asked Becker “how Ernst’s immigration policy differs from Steve King,” Working Families advocate Shawn Sebastian tweeted, “he refused to answer because he felt it was ‘inappropriate.’”

Finally, “after 6.5 hours and about 100 Iowa moms passing through with their children,” Sebastian continued, Ernst agreed to a phone call the next day. It lasted just 20 minutes, with Ernst defending ICE terrorism against immigrant communities (“we need to keep Americans safe”) and taking the brave stance of opposing child abuse but asking them for “specific examples,” as if it hasn’t been all over the news recently. When they asked if Ernst could meet with them after reviewing conditions for herself, Sebastian said, she refused and hung up.

All the advocates wanted was for Ernst to put herself in the shoes of parents at the border for just one second, and some “carried signs that said, ‘What if it were Libby?’ referencing to Ernst’s daughter. ‘We need to ask her as a mother, would be she happy if her child was locked in a cage?’” said advocate Bonnie Brown.

Much much more at the link including twitter pics and the running story of the day.

The thing that stood out to me was that Ernst got upset and hung up on her constituents because “they are unwilling to listen.” Uh, Senator, your job is to listen to those you represent!



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After 20 min @joniernst says”I am going to go because you are clearly unwilling to listen …” the #momsagainstthecamps ask if she will follow up with us after she visits the detention camps. Ernst refuses her own constituents and hangs up.



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.@joniernst pushes back against holding ICE accountable shifting blame to the moms and children at the border, “We are a nation of laws.”

Draw your own conclusions on Ernst’s comment on “nation of laws.”

Joni Ernst simply refuses to represent Iowa and Iowans. She is representing the Koch brothers and the NRA. Iowans need to replace her. 

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