Mueller Report In 30 Minutes

From PBS News Hour – 

If you won’t read it, here is a video Cliff Notes: (28 minutes)

Now we know that Russia was not the only country. Perhaps most notable among other nations is Saudi Arabia. Now it looks as if our Dear Leader is ready to launch a war that Saudi Arabia has been hoping for for years. The US will fighting the Saudis biggest enemy if and when a war begins with Iran. Would that be repayment for the Saudis help in 2016? Doesn’t seem like something we should invest our military in. 

Don’t forget that voter suppression in states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida  among others played a substantial role in the 2016 election. In short, the election was as rigged as it could be. While other nations worked to sabotage our elections, the Republican Party has worked to undermine our elections for years.

Just to make sure that the advantages used in 2016 are still available in 2020. Mitch McConnell has ’stood in the schoolhouse door’ as it were to stop legislation to strengthen our elections that was passed by the US House. Republicans talk freedom, but act suppression.

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