Sunday Funday: Who’s A Fool Edition

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Guess what tomorrow is? Yep it is the day for fools. For some reason I am betting that many reading this will have the same person in mind as the biggest fool. That would no doubt be Dear Leader. I am, however, proposing another set of folks who should share the title together.

I will not fault those who voted for Dear Leader the first time, although they out this country in a real hole. It is the folks who voted for him once and intend to vote for him again. Are you paying attention at all? He wants to take away your healthcare, your Medicaid, your Medicare. Does that mean anything to you?  What you will get in return is the Trump University version of health care. You pay in and get nothing. Good luck suing with the courts packed with Dear Leader buddies.

Anyone who is still backing Dear Leader is a true fool. Dear Leader will crash your world at some point. Women especially who back Trump are mystifying. He treats women like dirt, except for Ivanka. 

Speaking of fooling people, do you think anyone will ever see the REAL Mueller Report? My guess is no. They will be placed right next to Dear Leader’s financial reports never to be seen. 

Here we go:

  1. How many pages is that Mueller report?
  1. What once rising star in the legal world was charged with trying to extort $20 million from Nike?
  1. Radical presidential action time! What is Dear Leader threatening to do next week on our southern border?
  1. What administration official has been using millions of our tax dollars to hire a Republican media consulting firm to burnish her image?
  1. Betsy DeVos had a good week. In a hearing in the House Wednesday she had to defend proposed zeroing out the budget of what popular program?
  1. Thursday how did Dear Leader respond to DeVos’ defense of the zero budget for that program?
  1. At a campaign rally in Michigan, Dear Leader said he would reinstate the budget for what Michigan rehabilitation funds?
  1. Really bad reviews coming in for what nominee to the Federal Reserve Board?
  1. In a real surprise in Chicago, felony charges were dropped against what actor who allegedly faked a hate crime attack?
  1. The Wall survives! The House failed to override Dear Leader’s veto coming up about how many votes short?
  1. Who was Speaker Pelosi talking about this week when she stated “His words can not be trusted.”? Adding that “We have to see the full report.”
  1. The family that owns Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and other businesses gave millions to unspecified charities after learning their family was deeply involved with what political regime?
  1. Once described as a “coffee boy” by Dear Leader, what convicted felon has formally applied for a pardon from Dear Leader?
  1. What country shot down one of its own satellites with a missile and then declared itself established as a space power?
  1. Feeling his oats from Barr’s summary letter, Dear Leader lobbied the SCOTUS to declare what law unconstitutional?
  1. Utah Senator Mike Lee proposed what unexpected solution to climate problems as he openly mocked the Green New Deal on the senate floor?
  1. After a meeting with Netanyahu, Dear Leader signed a proclamation recognizing Israel’s right to what territory?
  1. Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris unveiled a plan that would give substantial pay raises to what traditionally underpaid profession?
  1. What fruit was the subject of a six-state recall due to potential listeria contamination?
  1. Alabama congressman read from what book on the floor of the House in his effort to bash Democrats about the Mueller Report summary?

Is this true at your house also?


  1. Who knows? Rumor has it at over 300 pages. Another good reason why we need to see the full report
  1. Michael Avenatti
  1. Close the southern border
  1. Seema Verma at CMS (Medicare)
  1. Special Olympics
  1. He undercut her and claimed he would restore the money 
  1. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  1. Stephen Moore
  1. Jussie Smollett
  1. It got 248 votes, 288 needed to override – so 40 votes
  1. AG Bill Barr
  1. The Nazis
  1. George Papadapolous
  1. India
  1. The ACA
  1. Having more babies (white only I would guess for Lee) 
  1. The Golan Heights
  1. Public school teachers
  1. Avocados
  1. Mo Brooks

Do you feel like you paid for the most anticipated book ever written but got the 5th grade book report from the dumb bully who never read the book nor will he. You will be told that that is good enough for you so quit bothering the seller.


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