Sunday Funday: Shrinkage Edition



Normally this would be my “high holy days of basketball” post. However, a couple of things happened last week that were so funny, they must be discussed. 

The first is the Twitter tale of free speechin’ Devin Nunes and his Mom and his Cow. Nunes has been the butt of twitter parody accounts Devin Nunes Mom and Devin Nunes Cow for quite a while. Neither of these parody accounts had little following until Monday or so when Nunes could take it no longer. So he sued Twitter and is looking to sue the Mom and the Cow. 

When some member of the press got ahold of this and made it public, nothing could have been better publicity especially for the Cow. And away it went. Last I saw Devin Nunes Cow had far surpassed Devin Nunes in followers with well over half a million last I saw. 

Nunes once made a bit of news when he defended the rights of people to shout the “N” word at Congressman John Lewis. Yet he can’t take a little jab in the rib from Mom and Cow. Cowabunga, dude!.

The other story is that of Dear Leader’s border fence around Tijuana. Never posted a twitter thread so here we go. Trevor Noah is pretty self explanatory on what happened:

In retail, theft of product is called “shrinkage.”

  1. Sexual charges against what media star/ astrophysicist came up empty so he can return to his jobs?
  1. Flood waters caused a nuclear power plant to close near what major midwestern city?
  1. Dear Leader once again stepped where he shouldn’t have when he recognized Israeli sovereignty over what long disputed territory?
  1. Republican legislators in what state are trying to limit a referendum that restores ex-felon’s right to vote in what state?
  1. On a party line vote trumpublicans in Iowa’s senate passed a bill requiring that Medicaid recipients do what?
  1. Even though most felt this senator was already running for president, who officially announced a run Sunday for the Democratic nomination?
  1. Dear Leader opened up a running battle with what dead person?
  1. What Republican senators boldly stepped forward to defend the person Dear Leader was attacking?
  1. Brexit, have you ever seen such a mess? What happens March 29th?
  1. In a move considered medically unsafe and unsound, Kentucky’s Governor Matt Bevins exposed his children to what disease?
  1. Former VP Joe Biden has been reportedly discussed having what southern politician as his VP running mate?
  1. Iowa had an election for a vacant state senate seat Tuesday. Did the Republican or the Democrat win?
  1. In the wake of the Boeing crashes what regulatory agency is coming under fire for delegating their oversight duties to the companies themselves?
  1. Who has acknowledged through attorneys using personal email accounts for government business?
  1. What business advisor for Dear Leader will be testifying before two House committees next week?
  1. A judge in what state invalidated lame duck laws passed to disempower the next governor in what state?
  1. The AG of what state sued the Catholic Church concerning how the church handled sex abuse in that state?
  1. What Iowan was rebuked when he used a negative comparison to New Orleans Katrina experience to show Iowans were better responding to floods?
  1. Cyclone Idai devastated what part of the world last week?
  1. For the second year in a row, what country has been chosen as the happiest?

From lgbtq nation:   

The Alabama senate just unanimously voted for a bill that would get rid of marriage licenses because some judges in the state don’t want to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

If the bill is signed into law, Alabama would be the only state where a marriage license would not generally be required to get married.

Instead, couples would get a form to fill out from the state and present that form or an affidavit to a probate judge, who would then record the marriage.

What I said many years ago – if you don’t want gays to get married, get rid of marriage!


  1. Neil DeGrasse Tyson
  1. Omaha, Nebraska
  1. The Golan Heights
  1. Florida – republicans once again trying to override the people.
  1. Work – which many already do.
  1. Kristen Gillibrand
  1. John McCain – McCain is definitely winning.
  1. Johnny Isaacson of Georgia and. – well no one else. (Ernst squeaked some mild disapproval that she hopes Dear leader won’t hear about)
  1. Well, as of now that is still scheduled as the official Brexit date.
  1. Chicken pox
  1. Stacey Abrams
  1. The Democrat by a 57 to 42 margin
  1. The FAA
  1. Jared and Ivanka – that’s like crime #100 they have committed
  1. Felix Sater
  1. Wisconsin
  1. West Virginia
  1. Steve King!
  1. South east Africa – Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi – perhaps the worst cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere ever.
  1. Finland

Hawks win! Hawks win!

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